10 of the Best Telegram Crypto Channels

10 of the Best Telegram Crypto Channels

Telegram’s token might have received short shrift from the SEC, but its messaging app has been embraced everywhere by everyone. 300 million users attest to the success of Pavel Durov’s end-to-end encrypted platform, which has become a mainstay of the crypto community. On the rare occasions when Telegram experiences an outage, there is a discernible dip in cryptosphere chatter. The rest of the time, crypto Telegram is a hive of activity. Here’s a selection of what it has to offer.

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Telegram Is Alive and Well in 2019

In 2018, following a short-lived flirtation with Slack and Discord, the cryptosphere set up camp on Telegram, where it’s been embedded ever since. If crypto Twitter is for serious discourse, thought leadership and occasional mud-slinging, crypto Telegram is for more ephemeral – but no less vital – discourse: trading, accessing market data, catching up on industry news and sharing dank memes by the sticker set.

And then there’s the token sales of course, for it wouldn’t do to forget them. Even in the post-ICO era, the rules of IEO engagement mandate a healthy Telegram following for crypto projects. Their Telegram channels serve as a focal point for updating the community on projects, token sale dates and bounty campaign opportunities.

10 of the Best Telegram Crypto Channels

Token sale monitoring service ICOspeaks has assembled a shortlist of the most popular Telegram crypto channels. It includes a selection of leading cryptocurrency news and exchange feeds, in English and Russian. To that list can be added the following channels which provide a snapshot of what crypto Telegram has to offer.

ICO Drops

A lot of the prominent Telegram channels have “ICO” in their name as a hangover from 2018, despite their content being far broader these days. ICO Drops is a case in point. It still covers token sales, but its most valuable content touches upon general industry news: Bakkt; custodial solutions; SEC enforcement. Its accompanying infographics provide a tl;dr for those who don’t have the time to read full articles.

ICO Analytics

ICO Analytics falls into the same boat as ICO Drops, but it’s not just another clone: the quality of this channel’s research speaks for itself. If you’re looking for figures on token sale ROIs, exchange token performance and other metrics, you’ll find it here, neatly packaged into bar graphs and charts.

10 of the Best Telegram Crypto Channels


One for the swing traders, Cointrendz provides a steady stream of updates on which cryptocurrencies are breaking out. Or pumping, as it’s better known. If your strategy involves following the volume and skimming what you can off the top, Cointrendz has got you covered. Cryptonomia does a similar job.


It’s a given that you’ve got to shill your own channel in a round-up of this nature, so here’s ours. A stream of all the articles that get published on news.Bitcoin.com. Click ‘em if you like the look of the preview snippet. If you don’t, don’t. For pure Bitcoin Cash news, meanwhile, the unaffiliated and aptly named Bitcoin Cash News will hit the spot, while Spanish speakers should check out Crypto Noticias.

The Crypto Room

All of the channels up until now have been read only, which is fine for absorbing information, but when you want to interact you need to hit up a discussion channel that’s open to anyone. There’s a plethora of candidates to choose from, but for focus and flow (some channels are so popular they move too fast), The Crypto Room gets it about right.

Best Telegram Bots

It’s not just the people that make crypto Telegram so essential: it’s also the bots – the benevolent ones at least. Telegram bots can perform a host of useful functions, from displaying wallet balances to providing price alerts and facilitating crypto swaps directly within the app. Always perform due diligence on the team behind a Telegram bot before admitting it to your channel, though, just in case it’s doing more than passively responding to your commands. Popular bots and automated services include Tokenstats, @Cryptowhalebot, @tracktxbot, @Cryptocurrencyalertingbot, and @buttonwalletbot.

10 of the Best Telegram Crypto Channels
Button Wallet lets you send and receive crypto in Telegram


Everyone’s got their favorite crypto chart reader, a guru who appears to have the ability to sift through the tea leaves on Tradingview and predict where the market’s headed. Yours probably isn’t Botje11, but he’s a good example of what Telegram chart diviners do: provide solid analysis, couched in just enough disclaimers to retain their credibility whatever way the needle moves next.

10 of the Best Telegram Crypto Channels

Binance Research

The research arm of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is arguably one of its strongest divisions. Binance Research is right up there with Bitmex Research and Coinmetrics for the quality of its original reporting, and its Telegram channel is filled with deep dives and fun factoids.

Rekt Plebs

The anti-trading channel, Rekt Plebs will teach you what not to do. In short, don’t buy shitcoins.

What are your favorite crypto Telegram channels? Let us know in the comments section below.

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