18,000 Traders and Growing – Bitcoin.com’s Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly

18,000 Traders and Growing - Bitcoin.com's Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly

Since exchange.Bitcoin.com launched, our premier trading platform has seen a significant influx of users from Asia and Europe. So far, the grand opening of Bitcoin.com’s exchange has led to more than 18,000 registered traders. Moreover, exchange.Bitcoin.com’s Chief Operating Officer, Danish Chaudhry, explained that the exchange launch and the last two weeks of trading have been a success, and account signups continue to grow.

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Bitcoin.com’s Premier Crypto Exchange Captures 18,000 Users

Bitcoin.com recently launched a new trading platform on Sep. 2, and so far our team has seen positive results and significant growth. Exchange.Bitcoin.com is an easy-to-use trading platform that offers world-class security and a powerful trading engine. Furthermore, the exchange has a wide variety of trading pairs like litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), tron (TRX), zcash (ZEC) and denominated markets with base currencies such as tether (USDT), bitcoin cash (BCH), and bitcoin core (BTC) as well. Traders using exchange.Bitcoin.com can rest assured they are trading in a safe environment as our exchange offers the very best in institutional-grade encryption. On top of that safeguard, traders benefit from two-factor authentication (2FA) and IP whitelisting, so they can keep their accounts secure at all times.

18,000 Traders and Growing - Bitcoin.com's Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly
Bitcoin.com’s exchange offers the most professional trading experience out there, in the fast-paced, crypto market setting.

Danish Chaudhry, exchange.Bitcoin.com’s Chief Operating Officer, explained that the grand opening of our trading platform two weeks ago was a great success. “We have more than 18,000 registered users so far and we’re just getting started,” Chaudhry said. “The days leading up to the event were stressful because we want to offer the very best products and trading experiences for our customers. Before launching we worked day and night to bring exchange.Bitcoin.com to fruition and we continue to focus our efforts on the bright future ahead.”

18,000 Traders and Growing - Bitcoin.com's Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly
Danish Chaudhry, exchange.Bitcoin.com’s Chief Operating Officer said BCH/BTC pairs are the most popular right now.

Chaudhry remarked that exchange signups were stemming from a variety of different countries worldwide. “Right now Europe and parts of Asia are using the Bitcoin.com’s exchange the most thus far. There’s been a number of popular cryptocurrencies traded on a daily basis,” Chaudhry added, and noted that the BCH/BTC market is the most popular trading pair. Chaudhry also highlighted that exchange.Bitcoin.com is meant to provide the most optimal trading experience in this world of fast-paced crypto markets.

18,000 Traders and Growing - Bitcoin.com's Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly
Out of all the registrants so far, Chaudhry says there’s a lot of signups from Europe and Asia.

Crypto Newcomers and Veteran Traders Can Expect More Features from Exchange.Bitcoin.com Going Forward

“Newcomers just stepping into the crypto space should choose exchange.Bitcoin.com because of our trusted brand, our professionalized security, and ease of use. Users can buy bitcoin cash from any one of our other satellites, and can trade for a number other popular digital assets on the exchange — Our trading platform provides a fast, safe environment with low fees,” exchange.Bitcoin.com’s COO said. Chaudhry further opined:

On the same token, veteran traders should choose to trade at Bitcoin.com’s Exchange for the same reasons above. And because we will be introducing amazing new features like SLP token listings, which is exciting because the Simple Ledger Protocol universe has been bolstering relentless BCH innovation over the last six months.

18,000 Traders and Growing - Bitcoin.com's Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly

Chaudhry insisted that there’s a lot of new features being prepared at the moment for future services to be added to the exchange. For instance, in addition to the SLP token listings, Chaudhry said that down the line people will be able to make a purchase on exchange.Bitcoin.com with a credit card. At a future date, Bitcoin.com’s exchange will also offer fiat pairs and premier listings, he added.

18,000 Traders and Growing – Bitcoin.com’s Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly

If you haven’t signed up for exchange.Bitcoin.com yet, the process takes less than a minute and after you register you can immediately start swapping digital assets. Chaudhry concluded by detailing that the last two weeks have been a successful start to a far bigger vision, and his team aims to serve millions of traders moving forward.

What do you think about the new exchange.Bitcoin.com? Have you signed up for our exchange yet? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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