Don’t you hate when a client says, “That should be fast,” to get you to do more work without paying you? Luckily, there’s a solution…

Maybe they didn’t want to pay your full rate…

Maybe you didn’t like the specific project…

Or maybe you just didn’t like the client…

No judgment here, but the bottom line is: you said yes, when you wanted to say no.


And then, you dread the project, from start to finish. Every call is a chore. Every piece of work takes twice as long. The scope creeps up and up and up and they don’t want to pay you more money. And as they add more and more for you to do, they keep saying “That should be easy and fast, right?”

It just plain sucks, and you can’t help but think, “How did I end up in this position anyway?”

Here’s The Real Problem That Plagues Most Service Providers

At first, you might think, “I just need better prospects,” but that’s a temporary solution to an everlasting problem…

…because you will always need MORE clients.

I mean, think about it. Even if you mostly get great clients. There will come a time when you’re bombarded by a bunch of idiots and you’ll be STUCK.

And that’s the core problem.

When you run a service-based business, you rely on a single source of income. YOUR SERVICE. Even if it goes well most of the time, you’re still on the endless treadmill of getting paid to do work for other people.

But imagine if you had a second source of income.

A second source of income that you could fall back on when you find yourself bombarded with bad prospects.

A second source of income that continued to pay you… even if you went on vacation.

A second source of income that would pay you when you worked… and when you weren’t working.

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?


But consider this:

How Smart Service Providers Add A Second Source Of Income To Their Business

Hi, I’m Derek Halpern, and I’m the founder of Social Triggers. I’ll never forget when I relied on providing services for income. It was a bad situation, too. Even though I “worked for myself,” I still felt like had a boss. And sometimes that boss was a dick.

The worst part?

The BIG majority of my income came from a SINGLE CLIENT!

I mean, I made a lot. But what if that client disappeared? I’d be LOST. And that’s why I knew I needed another source of income.

But I had a BIG problem:

My main client took up the bulk of my time. So I couldn’t just go find more clients.

I had to find something that would take a minimal amount of time…

And since I had a lack of time, I had to find something that wouldn’t require me to learn anything new.

So, what could I do?

I knew I needed a product. And I had a few ideas for products. But none of those products dealt with anything I already dealt with. It was in new industries where I would have to establish a foothold and I just didn’t have time for that.

What else could I do?


That’s when I had a conversation with a friend that changed my life. My friend had launched an online business that created and sold online courses. He was previously doing some consulting work, but he decided to go the “create a course” route… and he was killing it.

I know.

It seems so trivial.

And you probably heard about creating and selling online courses and either decided that you’ll do it some day… or you decided that you’ll never do it…

But bear with me a sec.

My friend created courses that dealt with the same problems he solved as a consultant!

So, all he really did was this: instead of providing a one-on-one service, he would create an online course that solved the same issues his service solved… except he would teach people to do it for themselves.

At this point, I’ve heard about it the opportunity to create and sell online courses, but I never pursued it. I came up with all sorts of reasons why it wouldn’t work for me. Reasons like:

“I never created an online course before!”

“Why would anyone buy a course when they can get information for free?”

“Am I even qualified to teach this stuff?”

“All the good ideas are taken!”

And the list goes on and on and on.

Then, one day, I said screw it. I knew the opportunity was real. And I knew that I had to break free from the “trading time for money” trap.

So I created an online course.

And here’s what happened.

How I Made More Than $28,000 From A Simple Online Course



I made more than $28,000 from a simple online course…

…and it looked like a complete disaster.

See for yourself.

What do you see?

The videos are low quality. I had awful handwriting. And I apparently couldn’t afford a haircut…

(And what you can’t see is that I used Velcro to attach the whiteboard to the wall because I didn’t have a stand… sigh).

Clearly, I wasn’t “ready” to create a polished course.

But guess what?


I looked like hell. The course content wasn’t polished. And nobody complained.


Because the ONLY thing that matters with an online course is this: do you solve the problem that you promised to solve?

And I did solve it.

So I barely received any complaints.

I Sold This Course For About $100 – Here’s Exactly What I Gave People

This was a simple online course. And I sold it for around a hundred bucks. If I take inventory of what I delivered to people, it was this:

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
  • 3 helpful training videos (each helping people solve a specific problem).
  • A recorded screencast presentation
  • A worksheet that helped people implement what I just taught them

I know it doesn’t feel like a lot. And if I’m honest with you, it didn’t take that long for me to create.

But here’s the deal…

The reason why I was able to create this content so quickly, and so succintly is because I had a TON of experience in my field.

After all, I was providing services solving these problems for people regularly. So all I really did was pretend like the camera was a client with a specific problem… and I told them exactly how I’d fix it.

And that’s when everything changed.

Since I made so much money from this course, I decided to reinvest the profits into making the course better.

I added more content.

I hired a professional videographer.

I added more worksheets.

And I increased the price of the course from about $100 to $200.

Then, everything changed.

Yes everything looked a lot nicer.

See for yourself:

And yea, I apparently spent some money on a tie. And a haircut.

But this new course went on to make $178,684 in sales.

A SIZABLE amount of revenue.

It was all pretty ridiculous.

I was a six figure consultant, and now I was making close to multiple six figures from an online course.


Things went so well I ended up double downing on creating and selling online courses.

And here’s what happened.

Here Are My Real Revenue Numbers By Income Source – And How They Changed

Take a look at this revenue chart…

The blue bar is income from “services.”

The green bar is income from “courses.”

As you can see, things started slow. In 2011 most of my income came from providing online services. But in 2012 things started to change. And in 2013 things completely changed. I went from focusing on providing services to just providing online courses. And I made more than I ever made ever before.

Now you might be thinking, “But Derek! You went from one source of income… to two sources of income… back to one source of income.”

And you’re right.


In 2013 my revenue was diversified across multiple different online courses. Not just one.

Fast forward to 2017, I now have created 7 online courses, and even went on to create a downloadable software product and a saas product too.


But do you know what I love most about this entire “create and sell” online courses industry?

It’s this…

It’s the CLOSEST thing to “passive” income that you’ll ever see.

Here’s why:

When you create an online course, much of the work is done “before” you create the course. Then, when you’er done, all you have to do is sell the course.

So, take a look at this revenue chart:

I created an online course in 2012, and I continued to sell that same course over the next 3 years.

Sure, I made some updates to it here and there, but the course continued to make money… even though I did a bulk of the work in 2012.

And that’s because when you create a course, you do the work once… and you can benefit from that same work for years to come.

It’s remarkable!

Now the big question is this…

How Can You Get Started Creating And Selling Online Courses?

There’s a lot that goes into creating and selling online courses… especially if you never done it before.

However, now that I’ve created 7 online courses, I believe I’ve come up with a simple system that almost anyone can follow to get started creating and selling online courses.


I put together a FREE LIVE WEBINAR that goes down on March 6th. There are two convenient times available. One at 12PM Eastern. The other at 8PM Eastern.

And I will show you what it takes to make your first $10,000 selling online courses.

I’ll cover everything from how to find an idea, to how to turn that idea into an online course, and how to start selling it. You can reserve your spot for the webinar right here:

Join the 12PM Live Training

Join the 8PM Live Training

This is a one-time event, and it all goes down on March 6th. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so make sure you register for the call right now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll be here to answer them for you.

Over the last 6 years I changed my business from providing services to selling courses. And I learned a lot. I also had the pleasure of working with many different students – and they are beginning to see remarkable success as well.

Now I’d like to show you how you can do it too.


The Real Reason Successful Entrepreneurs Break the Rules

break the rules

You may have noticed that this month here on the blog, the content has been all about how entrepreneurs break the rules.

From adopting a profit-first mentality to acting like a beginner to taking action in spite of fear, entrepreneurs are constantly busting myths about how to succeed as you build your personal brands.

What we haven’t touched on yet is WHY the most successful entrepreneurs always appear to be breaking rules.

You might think you already know: to achieve different results, right? To find status or attention for their groundbreaking ideas?

Well, yes. Sometimes. But that’s only part of the story. The real reason to break the rules is much simpler…and much more complex.

There ARE No Rules

I think we all know this, to be honest, but none of us really believe it. After all, there have to be SOME rules, right? There has be to some authority out there telling us what we’re all “supposed” to do in business so that when someone does it differently, it makes the news?


It’s The Matrix all over again, you guys. There is no spoon, and there are no rules. When you find your tribe, you can succeed doing anything you want and in any WAY you want.

I’m serious. There are entrepreneurs out there flourishing as professional cuddlers, as reading coaches for literate people, and as shippers of snow. Do you think these people would’ve ever gotten started building a successful business if they’d listened to the rules?

The same is true for you.

In fact, I’d wager that the more rules you try to find and follow, the less likely you are EVER to succeed in business.

Don’t misunderstand: you need not have a crazy, unheard-of idea in order to qualify for “not following the rules.” It doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to grow; what I want you to understand is that you have to build your business your way. Even if there were rules (which there are not!!), they wouldn’t apply to you.

Well, What Do I Do Now?

I get why rules are such a comfortable idea. They can make you feel safe when you’re considering a major thing like starting or growing a business, and it’s reassuring to think that if you follow the rules, you’re assured of success.

Well, for better or worse, that’s never been and never WILL be the case, my friends. No one who’s ever succeeded beyond their wildest dreams ever got there by sitting back and wondering, “What do the rules say about this?” Can you imagine Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos knowing or even caring what anyone else was doing?

This means that the next time you’re considering a major decision, there’s very little measurable benefit in googling “What should I do about X?” or “What did [insert famous entrepreneur here] do about Y?” You’ll find lots of great answers about what OTHER people have done, which can be nice for context and inspiration, but I caution you against doing what they’ve done just because they’ve done it and written about it.

They’ve found a way that works for them, and that’s fantastic, but that doesn’t even come close to predicting how much success you’ll have with the same approach.

Instead, try this: when you need to make a decision, just make it. That’s how it becomes your rule.

Too simple? That’s exactly the point!

The only way to get comfortable making decisions is to make decisions, and the more you build that muscle, the more you become the authority you want to become in your space. Besides, if you’re relying on someone else’s “rules” to make those decisions for you, you’re not building your own business anymore. You’re building theirs.

A Thought Experiment

The next time you see an article about someone “breaking the rules,” ask yourself what the rule was in the first place. I’ve done this a few times, and the answer is always laughable because you’ll see very quickly how they don’t exist. When Bezos created Amazon, was the rule, “Don’t create an online company?” Of course not, though his story is often framed that way. In reality, the rule didn’t exist because the context didn’t exist.

The same is true for you. Every decision you make becomes a rule, and your specific set of rules will work for no one else but you.

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know on my Facebook page or via Twitter. And… if you have some likeminded friends, I’d love for you to share it with them. Thank you!

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