2021/08/14th – Beware Of The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – what does that mean ?

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They keep talking about depopulation saying that “there are too many of us living on Earth” but still they want to save lives with magic vaccines??

With around 33,000 residents, Gibraltar is the most vaccinated country on earth. By June 1st, over 99% of Gibraltar’s population was fully vaccinated.  Since that time, new COVID cases per day have increased from 1 to 25 and the country is now going back into lockdowns. Similar stories are occurring in other countries with the highest percentages vaccinated; Israel, UK, Malta and Iceland. Clearly, the vaccine does not stop infections. Why is the goal to vaccinate everyone if the most vaccinated countries on earth are going back into lockdowns

1 – NSW boogie man is gonna getcha 

2 – The Vaxx is a bio-weapons program    74 seconds

Fauci has spent $ 191 Billion in audited funds on this bio weapon to destroy humanity


3 – Dr. Peter McCullough – Ends the Pandemic with 5 Facts

This is all you need to know, in 2 minutes


4 – The beginning of Covid 

5 – Robot – would this fool you 

6 – Beware of watermelons 

7 – Kellogs Corn Flakes – yummy  (1960s jingle)

8 – Vaxxing our kids – here is the scientific method  

9 – Vax into the brain


10 – Australian jailed for Covid Thought Crime

11 – Military Casualty Drills now – Ready for false flags ?


12 – Beware Of The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti 

29 – Pastor Steve – End-Time Prophecy of Beware Of The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

13 – For your consideration and own research

Remember Nesara goes back to JFK  

When is Trump gonna do whatever – and why didn’t he arrest everyone  –  and when is Q gonna do this and that ?  

It’s a bit like a boxing match against a formidable opponent, David v Goliath. They are not trying to change human nature and they are not the “saviours of the world”.  Since 1971, I have advocated that nothing will change in the physical world until the $$ system is fixed and that is what they must do and are doing. The banking Swift racket is gone But as we all know that the driving force behind most of the evil is the rampant pedo industry – The entire exercise is a transition, not a transaction – adjustments must be made daily.

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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Fleming Report Friday August 13, 2021

Fleming- Currency Exchange White Paper

X22 Report #2551 August 11, 2021

14 – Your music Item



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