2021/08/15th – Biden in Crisis + Genocide – off with their heads


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1 – Biden in Crisis  hard to believe eh ?

listen at 1 min mark


2 – Lockdown needs a smackdown – not only NSW

Lockdown needs a smackdown

3 – Genocide – off with their heads – God is going to cut you down


4 – Report – Trump is already Potus and Commander in Chief – will be made public


5 – COURT VICTORY! The Govt in Denmark lost

a court case for their mandatory PCR-Test. This is a precedent for the rest of the world. I have written Mads an email encouraging him to reach out to all the lawyers in the world and help them to do as he did in Denmark. I have asked him for his challenge document and the ruling. I have posted in our Files in this group a Notice of Liability. This document is a legal notice of liability telling any individual that they can be held liable for requesting or demanding or mandating or legally enforcing anything that is illegal or that violates your human, charter or bill of rights or your constitutional rights that take precedence over any mandates even under any state of emergency. A state of emergency cannot be for longer than 60 days unless passed by legislature. However even during a state of emergency your rights may not be violated. You can say no and as this court case shows when standing up in court they retreat because they know that they are abusing their power and bullying people and cannot win.  


6 – Judgement of the Fallen Angels, Shepherds and Blind Sheep. Pastors take note 

27 – Judgement of the Fallen Angels, Shepherds and Blind Sheep. Pre-flood prophesy

7 – Atty Thomas Renz says 250k were murdered in hospitals by intentional mis-diagnosis for money.


8 – Another Vaccine Victim She Can’t See The Wood From The TREES! So many are like this


9  Mexican TV show try to debunk the magnet challenge – watch what happens

Not everyone who was jabbed will be magnetised. Apparently early vaccines were just saline to get the public’s confidence before the lethal vaxxes were released ?


10 – Covid-19 restrictions don’t work – George Christensen

George Christensen has triggered a reaction from his LNP colleagues most of whom condemned him for calling for our freedoms to be protected.  You can watch it on the links below and read his report of the voices against him.  Thankfully he did have some support You tube deleted 12 seconds. The uncensored vid shown here


11 – Graphene in Cereals and pills

84 – Kellogs Corn Flakes – History

12 – Stalin’s Great Purge (1932-1940)

A truly dark saga of communist history. When the revolutions over, the revolutionaries become the enemy. Moral of the story, when communists win, they inevitably always kill their own who helped them win

85 – 1932-1940 Stalin’s Great Purge The Great Terror

13 – For your information and your own Research

14 – Click to open PDF  Update August 14, 2021

15 – And now for something completely different



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