2021/08/26 – Trucks not on the Nightly News – but TV is true isn’t it ?



I just watched the 30mins Ch 7 6pm news – All the important thing we must know such as a chef at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers telling us how to make multi coloured spaghetti while the beautiful gardens were only a slightly out of focus backdrop. Then we were told we must all know how to get God’s laws amended so we can help someone commit suicide. Naturally almost half the news was the most important stuff,  the paid gladiators including one who is dying at 90+ years oldunbelievable eh? 

Of course there was the usual promotion at every opportunity tell us we must get the PCR test, which you all know the fakery to get the “case” numbers up. Then other stuff so trivial I can’t remember.  BUT the star attraction of the News was about 1 minute of a truckie going back into NSW via Goondiwindi, he actually stopped in town for a meal and he had sneezed – shock horror. So, more lockdown in that town being 760km from Sydney !   Special thanks to the 2 people who sent the following maps.

Alan writes – I just called Mitre 10 Currumbin, on the highway past Tweed Heads…they confirmed the Trucks have blocked the highway all the way to Brisbane. I asked if he knew anything about the road closing on Google Maps on the M1. He said “you’re talking about northbound from Tweeds Heads to Brisbane right?, the truckies have blocked the highway until they get their way.”   This is it guys, the NSW to QLD IS COMPLETELY BLOCKED. Let’s share this out, far and wide 

Truckies in Brazil acknowledging Australians – I believe they and US truckies will be active tomorrow ?

Gladys – says what she really means

Please, no more science – They don’t care.  No more pleading petitions – They don’t care. Don’t ask. They don’t care. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. Tell them to their face …You’re going to TAKE THEM DOWN.

2 – What might happen to the vaxxed in the next 3 months ?

This is the opinion of thousands of Doctors – not politicians – choose who you wanna believe The rush to get everyone vaccinated has been a bone of contention for so many people and is a very good reason. There have not been enough studies on it to know what the long-term side effects are and most people have no idea what is in it. When we go to the grocery store, we scour the labels to make sure that we aren’t allergic to an ingredient or if it has something in it that could potentially cause harm. We study the fat content, sugar, and carbs in one package but how many can name off an ingredient in a vaccine?



3 – From across the ditch – Hi Larry, an aged care worker reported 30 elderly got jabbed. 2 have hands and feet gone black, 6 got the shakes, nearly all have rashes on their skin. 1 has an odd thing happening, every day more and more moles are growing on her back. The worker is going to try and get photos without losing her job, has to be sneaky. Not a snow flake’s chance in hell will the worker get jabbed, she bought magnets to check the oldies.  I cannot believe the extent of this GREAT DECEPTION and how the Devil they are getting away with it. Over 1 million Kiwis got double jabbed.   Lana

4 – Local Mum attacks police in defence of the Cossack during service of FPO!

FPO is a Firearms Prohibition Order. I do not and have never held a firearms licence nor do I have any prior convictions for Firearms. Consider supporting my legal team via https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-aussie or https://www.patreon.com/AussieCossack I will be fighting this in court with my legal team. This is a politically motivated FPO to give the Police the power to search & raid me at anytime under the pretext of enforcing a FPO.


5 – Army of India has vaccine squads

who travel from base to base, to administer the COVID-19 “vaccine” to military troops.  Video below shows a dozen troops DROP DEAD within seconds of receiving the vax:  

6 – My kids – no masks  from FB somewhere

7 – David Steele death

8 – Most who we see these days are actors clones etc.

For your consideration and own research.

Most of the originals gone long ago.  Consider 2021 from a bird’s eye view.  We are watching a movie to wake people up.  Every major weakness in our society is being exposed and highlighted. Our schools systems are indoctrinating our children. This is being put under a microscope and Patriot mothers and fathers are rising up to bring solutions.  The fact that we need a border is being exposed. No one can excuse the human trafficking. They cannot honestly say that we shouldn’t have a safe country and this has been put under a microscope and shown to the world with clarity. The cabal’s plan for totalitarian control is being shown for all to see.

People are realizing how precious freedom is and they are protesting and fighting back against passports and [their] diabolical schemes The world is waking up and this is no small feat. We are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard. Only exposure will cause We the People to awaken from our slumber.  It is happening.

https://t.me/PepeMatter/3917  Lots more on there.

6 – 


7 – Egyptian President AL SISI  –  short speech but oh so meaningful

8 – Vaccine passports

This is not just for International travel, this is to shop, buy fuel and where it ends who knows ? –  HAS TO BE STOPPED “NOW”….

From: “Lorraine” <acpnews@skymesh.com.auSubject: (A1) Vaccine passports website  Date: 1 September 2021 

For anyone who considers the emerging coercion towards vaccination improper please act on the following as soon as possible:  Everyone of us needs to write to their Federal MP to support Craig Kelly’s Bill to ban vax passports NOW.  If they ban the passport federally the states have no power to go against Commonwealth Legislation under our Constitution. The template for the letter is already made below. Q43  Type in your postcode


9 – Military court  by Judy Byington


10 – Everyone should be prepared for this  Brace yourself 


11 – Click to open 3 PDFs

Fleming Report Mon. August 30, 2021   

Special Update Tues. August 31, 2021

The Bioweapon – It is the Vaccine



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