2021/08/26th -Aug 31st Turning point


1 – Aren’t we so proud of our politicians who sit like mummies in Parliament, never uttering a peep, just sit there considering their bloated salaries and pensions 

Aren’t we so proud of or thousands of pastors who were at Parliament House when the sodomy laws were being prepared – and now when 1000s of children are being sacrificed in a temple-building which is also used for Satanic rituals

Aren’t we so proud of all those wimps who handed in their weapons of self defence for money under John Howard

Aren’t we so proud of those who chose lethal vaccination without questioning the ingredients or effects.

Aren’t we so proud of those parents who make their kids wear suffocating masks even at home

Aren’t we so proud of those who fervently bleat their opinions from the TV news as being truthful reporting  – see the next video

2 – Wyatt 26 Aug explains  NO SHOT  NO SHOP

3 – Australia and NZ coordinated battle plan Aug 31st

Ignore this at your peril – The Anzac are the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand who fought in WW2, and now once again the people are embracing the warrior spirit of their gallant ancestors with a fierce determination to remove the Satanic Pedophiles from positions of power. On August 31st they will be launching a coordinated action in every city across the two countries that will only end when the Freemasons either step down, or be torn from their high places where they will find justice being dragged through the city streets.

Aussie and Kiwi Patriots are demanding the release of a commission that investigated the extent of the pedophile infiltration into all levels of government that had been withheld from the public, with no hope of justice, or accountability of any kind, because it had been sealed under a gag order for 93 years.

This is the End of the New World Order

4 – Mark of the beast: France denies people food, water without vaccine passport

Mark of the beast: France denies people food, water without vaccine passport
French supermarkets have hired bouncers in order to deny people basic human rights to food and water because they didn’t get the right government permission slip,” independent journalist Luke Rudkowski tweeted on Friday.

The alarming video he posted shows a security guard brutally grabbing a masked woman and throwing her out of the store like a trash bag. The woman gets outraged by the abusive manhandling and yells at the security guard. After she leaves, a man approaches the bouncer and scolds him for not allowing the female shopper to get “alimentaire”


Can someone local go to check this which was sent to meJust heard that the Gold Coast Hospital is chock a block full of people who have had the vaxxxx and are in there with major heart failure problems”

Kamala Harris went to Singapore for the Full Moon sacrifices for the Goddess Shiva, the goddess of destruction.  Then she goes to Vietnam to sacrifice to the Goddess Mariamman….(aka HUMAN sacrifices).



6 – Dead and sick Australian kids after the mass vaxxx


7 – Vaccines will kill the majority of vaccinated from Oct – Dec 2021

You’d better warn people NOW, God will hold us accountable for this!


8 – Scientist Shows Vaxx Effects in Autopsies. Don’t Believe It? See for Yourself


9 – Need Help ?  > –  Advocate me

Serene Teffaha, CEO of People for Safe Vaccines, has received several calls from people who have been injured, and have had loved ones die shortly after receiving a covid-19 vaccine.


10 – Tip for truck drivers


11 – Why Is President Trump Pushing the Vaxx?  Frome the Australian National Review

I get asked this continually – I have never seen a video of him pushing the current cures, only have heard alleged radio interviews. Lots of actors etc can imitate his voice and say the things the desperate Cabal would want to divide the nation   Read this article carefully which Vaxx he has always advocated ie   the one he took and recovered.


12 – Trump is running a New Government – Restored Republic via GCR

Believe it or not – wait and see



14 – Prophecy Club Exposing the Illuminati from Bill Schnoebele

31 – Prophecy Club Exposing the Illuminati from Within – Bill Schnoebelen



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