2021/09/05th – A one item Post – who or what drives evil ?

Yes, a one item post so you don’t get distracted by all the other stuff.

Who or what is the driving force that causes leaders of all genres to subjugate nations under lockdowns, taxes, wars, scamdemics and more ?  Is it money, greed. power, or something far more sinister which subjugates almost every leader too. Right now, Anonymous good people are waging the most intense war against it, yet they are being scoffed at and despised by those who have no clue about what’s really happening.  Maybe you guessed Andrenochrome – correct, but few really know what it is, nor understand what the silent ongoing battle is all about.  This 31 min doc spells it out –


78 – 1996 Harvesting and torturing children for adrenochrome. 2020 Babies for sale

After you watched that – visit

40c – Fiona – Pedos in Australian Govt. and Royalty



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