2021/09/08th – Decline No Jab No Pay No Play No Shopping We suffer


Larry – I just received an UNBELIEVABLE phone call from a reliable contact in Adelaide. In the past two weeks, one of Adelaide’s top restaurants have been required to call the ambulance 3 TIMES to an emergency involving VACCINATED patrons. On all 3 occasions, a PATRON just FROZE (couldn’t move or eat) MID-MEAL in a VEGETATIVE STATE!  All 3 patrons were RUSHED to the ICU! The restaurant owner is SO SHOCKED with this disturbing phenomenon he is considering converting his restaurant to cater EXCLUSIVELY for UNVACCINATED CLIENTS   Arleyn

1 – Decline- No Jab No Pay No Play No Shopping Lockdowns Proof of Claim

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A Major Crisis Is About To Hit NY City, LA, Chicago, San Francisco 


3 – Mark Latham Vaccine Passports


4 – Governor-General call to Dismiss Federal Politicians who broke Oath of Office

You don’t Petition, you express your will,  you instruct,  you demand,  you order –   a petition is begging.  A hand written letter addressed to the individual is the most effective.  Emails will be ignored and deleted

5 – Pfizer has a dubious history

and in 2009 the company was fined $2.3 billion in a legal settlement over misleading marketing practices. Since the year 2000, according to Violation Tracker, Pfizer has accumulated $4,660,896,333 in fines.

Johnson & Johnson are not far behind Pfizer, being fined $4,248,447,763 for offences.

AstraZeneca are not much better either, being fined only $1,148,775,284,


6 – Say goodbye to the Braai (BBQ) as the UN wants you to eat crickets 


7 – Some quickies for your incredulity  (that means  gee whizz)

a)  Alex Mitchell had AZ, got blood clots, loses leg. He is now being used to promote vaccines. Yes, they are using vaccine injuries as propaganda to promote having the jab.

b) – Lying cop doesn’t know Uber driver was actually a lawyer

c)  – Man robs BP station, former Marine fights back

d)  – Brazil Protest  7 Sept

e)  – Amsterdam Protest 5 Sept

About 20,000 people gathered for a seven-kilometre long march through the Dutch capital yesterday. Under the motto “Together for the Netherlands,” the crowd protested the Dutch government’s coronavirus measures…but also the childcare allowance scandal, the Groningen affair, and the housing shortage. What a list! 

Prior to the march, the organiser, Michel Reijinga, said he expected it to be “the largest demonstration since the introduction of the corona measures” with some 50,000 participants, reports the NOS.The majority of participants were unmasked and failed to practice social distancing.  Hardly a cop in sight.

f) – Trudeau ambushed again


8 – Vaccination of the Military

9 – Fauci lied:  New documents on lab leak theory released  

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10 – Finally an Australian medical website.  COVID MEDICAL NETWORK:


Scroll down and note the Survey: Pandemic Response – How have you been impacted?  We want to hear from you.

11 – Updates   

Click to open PDFs   Update Tuesday, Sept 7,l 2021  and  X22 Report #2570 Mon. Sept 6, 2021

12 – The Biggest Lies in Modern History 

Australian Pastor Steve Cioccolanti’s Biblical duty is to speak the truth and pose questions that lead you to the Truth.




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