2022/01/24th  – Vaccine Mobile Centre gets shut down

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1 – WA Govt House – State Flag upside down ? 

For hundreds of years, flying a nation’s flag upside down has been commonly recognised internationally as a maritime distress signal.

So why is Prime Minister Scott Morrison sitting in Parliament with his Australian Flag lapel pin upside down? A Wardrobe malfunction ?  yeah royt 


2 – Vaccine Mobile Centre gets shut down

Well done to all those that are serving notices around the U.K to Vaccine Centres and the police.  These doctors and nurses ( and other enablers), had better understand that ” I was just following orders” is NO DEFENCE. We will not forget the crimes against humanity that you have participated in.

Janine writes  I saw Kerry Chant (NSW Health Dept) yesterday saying this. When i tried to record it on my phone, I tried listening to it but no volume. Looked again today I found it but somehow they deleted that part of her rant.


In only a few days since the International Common Law Court Order was issued, millions are working to shut down vaxx centres – The NWO is over

NHS staff are throwing their uniforms in protest


Mark Steele and Team shutting down a Vaxx centre


Non-Emergency helpline doctor says the vaccines will be pulled soon


January 19: Big Pharma CEO’s hunted by Sheriffs



3 – Too good to be true – what’s going on?

Am sure much of it won’t come to pass because people universally are waking up.  “We’re going to trust the judgment of the British public” – Boris Johnson
This says it all, it’s a complete set up in the middle of flu season. The jabbed/immune deficient will get sick just in time for Boris Johnson’s replacement to tell us that Boris wasn’t strict enough and he trusted public opinion instead of ‘the scientists’ the result of will be sold as another pandemic.



4 – COLLAPSE!  First UK today, then Israel and now Australia in a narrative collapse. Mainstream news reporting

The reason the UK has got out of this for now is because the people have fought back I believe a 1/3 aren’t vaxxed at all so around 23milion and the booster has had a slow uptake ….. People power that’s all that is needed



5 – Do not get the mRNA vaxx if you don’t want to be an automaton

by Editor, cairnsnews


6 – Countless Healthy Athletes die after Covid Jab

These are all you people in their prime of health and having heart attacks ??



7 – NASA goes off script – you watched animation  

WHOOPS a slip of the tongue NASA Never a straight answer! Not A Space Agency.! Nasa the greatest magic show.


8 – More stuff you already know, but well explained

copy to URL  http://freenations.net/vaccination-is-suicide-criminal-forced-vaccinations-uk-unvaccinated-lower-cases-foetal-and-airlines-pilot-vaccine-deaths-australian-vaccine-disaster-booster-farce-exposed/


9 – Restored Republic  Jan 23



10 – Cross Canada Trucker Freedom Convoy



11 – Riccardo Bosi slams Craig Kelly and the UAP

I cannot understand why an intelligent man needs to use foul language. Riccardo is correct, no other pollies mention the pedo-pandemic. Maximum respect for his stance. 

In-fighting is not the answer.  Bosi needs to side with Craig Kelly and make a coalition party or we all done unless Bosi is saying Kelly needs to side with Bosi.  Welcome to Australian politics, there is no political correctness here,



12 – Yes, the government is telling you to kill yourself.



13 – Bill Gates, Indian Government Targeted in Lawsuit Alleging AstraZeneca Vaccine Killed 23-Year-Old



14 – 2005 Bill Gates pitch To the CIA -Vaccine that will remove religious fundamentalism. Not a joke!    on YouTube



15 – What happens when your free will is deleted ? 


16 – Why Joe Biden was criminally installed in the White House!
State of the Nation




17 – When they were young, they could afford only 1 guitar



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The Covid-19 Vaccine Kills!

What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper – the elites call a ‘vaccine’

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