3 Ways to Make More Money with Next-Gen Direct Mail Marketing

average individual is exposed to approximately 6,000 to 10,000 commercials each
day. So it’s not unexpected that we’ll be almost unsusceptible to the ad
presents. Do not get me wrong as this doesn’t indicate that commercials don’t
appear to be useful, or they do not have their place in advertising. In truth,
business owners have experienced a 96 % gain in clicks with an effective
Facebook advert marketing campaign.

Though direct
mail marketing
 may appear to be an old-fashioned form of
marketing, it does have its perks now that technology is here to modify the
game’s rules. However, currently, several other modes of marketing maybe even
more productive. Direct mail marketing has been
employed for years, long before digital advertising was even a thing. 

has remodeled everything we do, include how we market our goods. Years ago,
when things were all manually driven, there wasn’t an effective way of
gathering and storing data. Technology helps us work faster and presents us
with more specific data about our probable clients. And indeed, this leads to
better conversion rates and more satisfied buyers. Technology has heightened
the direct mail marketing process to produce
outstanding outcomes.

What makes Direct Mail so appealing?

mail marketing
 is a type of
marketing where ads and other promotional materials are physically transferred
to your mailbox. 

some believe direct mail is lifeless, research has confirmed that direct mail
response rates are much higher than any other form of ads combined. The fact
is, direct mail’s response rates have been growing considerably through the
years as digital becomes more broadly adopted.

has made direct mail much more comfortable to execute and more pocket-friendly
than ever. But what exactly does technology have to do with direct
mail marketing
? It’s satisfied with the advancement of technology,
as direct mail marketing has gone online. This
practice makes direct marketing more reliable, accurate, and useful. Here are
the 3 ways direct mail marketing helps
you earn more money.

Allows Digitizing the Direct
Mail Marketing

first of the 3 ways direct mail
helps you earn more money is when done correctly with
the right technological integrations; direct mail marketing can
produce a more memorable experience for your ideal customer base with your
business. Also, some companies are already taking advantage of that.

recently, various direct mail providers integrated with hundreds of other CRMs,
providing marketers an opportunity to take data from their website or CRM and
send targeted postcards to their marketing pipeline depending on particular
triggers like seasons or dates for occasions. 

standard trigger-based setups include

  • Delivering postcards
    to buyers that abandon their carts without completing the purchase,
  • Providing welcome
    postcards to new online subscribers with exclusive offers to boost conversions,
  • Reconnecting with
    customers for upselling possibilities.

It is
one of the best-kept secrets, and one of the top 3 ways direct
mail marketing 
helps you earn more money by technology
integration. It enables entrepreneurs to send direct mail in any quantity
automatically; hence, putting an end to what usually would have been a very
lengthy setup process. 

Integrate Direct Mail into
your digital marketing campaign

brings us to the second of the top 3 ways direct
mail marketing 
helps you earn more money. Companies who use direct
mail marketing
 can now employ digital technology to optimize
their marketing campaigns. Using personalized QR codes, URLs, or even SMS
codes, they can get their potential customers to connect with them digitally
and improve response rates. These integrations make tracking leads and revenue a
straightforward process compared to what it was before. This feature is major
among the top reasons, and this point makes it to our list of top 3
 direct mail marketing helps you earn
more money with technology integration.

Delivers Accurate Data about
Consumers for Relevant Targeting

this is the last point of our list of top 3 ways direct
mail marketing 
helps you earn more money with technology
integration. Unlike how it was earlier, where direct mail
marketing’s success
 was all left to possibility, companies can
now have access to more precise data about their target audience before
delivering them their first mail into their mailbox. This helps boost the
effectiveness of the direct mail marketing campaign. 

indicates that you aren’t merely targeting a profile or an IP address when
direct mailing. A targeted list may include first and the last names,
locations, and even the date when an insurance policy runs out. Organizations
can leverage this data to speak directly to prospects individually on every
mail piece. We believe this is the most critical factor for any business, and
this feature makes it to our list of top 3 ways direct
mail marketing 
is benefitted by technology integration. 


here’s our list of the top 3 ways direct
mail marketing 
allows you to earn more money by technology
integration. Undoubtedly, technology has made direct mail
 much more productive. This is good news for many
entrepreneurs who had no clue what to do to get their products and services in
front of their target audience. We hope this list of top 3 ways direct
mail marketing 
helps you earn more money and help your business
achieve the marketing goals you’ve always dreamt of.


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