9 Wonderful Viral Marketing Techniques with Proven Successful Facts

We might have heard or
seen some videos or some audios have gone viral on the internet; it means
spreading the thought or idea to the maximum number of people is what we call
it as viral. On the internet, especially in YouTube, we see viral contents like
pranks and some dialogues went viral. 

Who spreads this kind
of viral contents in a wide range? The answer is the audience! Yes! The
audience who love the contents, they will apply it with several contacts, and
those people again share it with their people, this chain will be multiplied
and spreads in long-distance and this chain reaction we call it as viral. And
businesses are trying to adopt the same thing in Digital marketing by applying
it to the number of audiences, i.e., viral marketing.

Let’s discuss the
essential techniques of viral marketing campaigns

Trigger Your Target

To develop viral
marketing campaign first, we need to find out who are our target customers.
Nothing goes viral until the right message passes to the right audience; the
news should need to create interest, then only they can share your message with

The social media
platform or channel must and should need to be appropriate when you want to
make the business message go viral, for example, 18-24 age group are available
in the in Instagram, and the message is passing in the Twitter is useless. That
is why the right channel is crucial in viral marketing.

Visualize The Variety
Of Message

The best part of viral
marketing will be possible when the business is trying to pull out the people
by engaging and attracting with excellent videos describing the product and

When videos are
interesting, then people will find it to share with other people, and the chain
will react to level up to meet the large audience. YouTube and Daily motion
videos will go viral every day on the internet, and these platforms are acting
as an easy way to reach millions of audience to go viral.

Offer The Valuable
Services to The Audience For Free

Free is the most
strong word in the marketing world, free things attracting people, and they
will show interest in the products and services.

Reliance introduced
its telecommunication facilities with Jio by saying six months of FREE
services. Free made the company go viral and more than half of the users
diverted to Jio telecommunication services where it is offering 4G free
services. Now if we analyze the market capitalization in India, Reliance Jio is
the top company.

Emotion is the heart
of Viral Marketing

Suppose something is
not emotional, and that is not going to be a viral thing in the market. In that
case, that is why whenever marketers are preparing a video or content that
should need to grab the people’s attention, especially in an emotional way.

Here are some points
to create emotion in the video or contents.

  • Create the videos or contents filled with love or hatred 
  • It might be genius or completely stupid
  • Creating something which makes people laugh or think crazily bad about it.

Unpredicted Theories:

When brands are following
the viral marketing theories exactly as same by seeing other companies, then it
is not going to work out. When we do something out of the box, then there is an
option to attract and navigate people. That is where unpredicted theories will
come out to make the best possible things in the world.

Give A Space To Share
And Download

Doctors and nurses are
telling when you got cough close your nose, and don’t touch your eyes and other
body parts as well if you don’t take precautions you might spread it to many
people. In the same way, viral contents are also easy to reach and sharable,
when you don’t give the option to share them to another person, then it won’t
be easy for another person to go. That is why sharing and the downloading
option should need to be there with the link.

Don’t Just Go In A
Traditional Marketing Style

When you see ONIDA
advertisement instead of seeing a TV set in the ad, we see a devil person. The
audience still remembers that advertisement only because of that devil person
with horns on his head. Image positioning the ad at a different level where you
cannot compare the traditional marketing style with viral marketing stuff that
makes things possible to grow business and reach an enormous audience.

Socializing the
Content with Market:

When a particular is
trying to reach an enormous population, then they must and should have an idea
for that social reach is an important technique which we use in the viral
marketing technique. In these businesses or brands will try to share their
contents with another group of marketers, and they will convey the same with
their audience. The target is to reach our range with a large audience.

Engage Them To

When content or video
is unpredictable and exciting too, that grabs millions of people attending.
However, that is going to stay for only for a short period. That is why
business brands should need to re-engage the audience with the same viral
marketing concept adding version two. In that way, people will be more
interested to come back to the original and remembered forever.


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