Ace your Brand Authenticity with Power of the Voice

This world is densely populated! Over 7 billion people
are living on Earth, all competing for their share of attention. So how do you
make your brand stand out in the crowd? Values form the core of any brand, and
it goes much further than just having an eye-catchy logo that looks exceptional
to the consumers or clients.

Values are the principles and ideologies that guide a
brand through the entire process of creating a brand. Nevertheless, we must
differentiate between building a brand and building a genuinely trustworthy one
that will eventually become a household name. In numerous cases, businesses
tend to associate brands with fabrication and the illusion of authority — we
are this, we can provide that, we represent that.

Just remember about the time when for the last time, you
could trust a brand genuinely? The most effective tools at our disposal are
often the most accessible. As technical evolution races beyond the boundaries
of imagination and brand strategies become increasingly complex and
multi-channel, it’s obvious to overlook the potential of our most basic form of
communication required for brand authenticity.

Enter the voice – the carrier for expression and
association adopted by humans and brands every day. For brands, choosing the
‘right’ voice has always been critical. The power of voice is such that it
humanizes us – and when businesses feel like humans, we agree to be friends
with them.

What is Brand Voice?

Initially, your voice is how you communicate your brand
personality through a creative approach and writing style. But its role goes
much beyond that. The tone we speak is deeply associated with the way we behave.
Yes, voice is behavioral, and it immediately invokes an emotional response. As
your brand voice is expressed through behaviors, conversations, and
communications, it shapes the audience’s expectations of their association with
your brand. That is why a brand should consider the power of voice as an asset-
it is how you create an emotional connection to build a specific relationship
with your audiences. It is necessary for your brand
experience, coming to life in all kinds of interaction, and reshaping your
brand’s storytelling.

Brand Authenticity to Connect the Audience

Brand authenticity is the ability to tell your brand’s
story authentically and includes customers’ sentiments into the branding
campaign and developing a strong connection between the brand and its target
audience. There’s no concrete formula for creating a brand with the help of the
power of voice that comes naturally to you and relates to your audience. That
being said, creating and maintaining a steady voice for your brand also takes

Customer Focused Businesses Strategy

The most prosperous businesses have already figured out a
compelling customer strategy. Generally, an emotional attachment has a more
significant influence than consumer satisfaction. A brand won’t become
successful overnight, but by continually aligning their marketing efforts with
its mission statement. The businesses implement research-based branding where
marketers committed people-focused marketing into a day-to-day reality.

Bring Transparency for Brand Authenticity 

Every time your company launches an advertisement
campaign, updates website copy, posts on social media, or speaks at a
conference, you showcase the power of the voice, and brand authenticity.
Transparency is a mighty tool for brand communication that can be practiced to
regain customer’s trust. Research reveals that nearly 39% of people will shift
to a new brand if it was completely transparent, almost 56% will be loyal for
life, and nearly 76% don’t mind paying more for such brands. Buyers want to be
an active part of your tribe, they want to feel they have an agreement with
brands that match their values, and it goes well beyond repeat business. 

Develop the Power of Voice

Aiming to perfect the power of the voice for your brand
authenticity is impractical and limiting. It puts needless pressure on you to
get it right. As we’ve already discussed, developing your power of the voice
takes practice. It’s something that evolves, and you’ll naturally get better at
as you create more content. If you aim at being perfect with your brand
authenticity, you’ll never share what you’ve created, and your power of the
voice will be limited.

In Conclusion

Have you ever considered thinking about your brand voice?
 If not, it’s time to let the world hear
your voice! By digging deep into your brand’s personality and discovering ways
to express it through messaging, you are more likely to come off as a genuine
human that your audience can relate to or aspire to be like. Enhancing the
voice’s power not only creates brand authenticity but also allows your audience
to form an emotional bonding with your brand.


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