Advantages of VPN for Small Businesses

Work from home culture born out of Covid-19 has had severe implications on business activities of all kinds. However, small businesses are the most vulnerable when it comes to cybersecurity and related infrastructure requirements. In this context, a VPN can be the most suitable choice for various needs of small business. 

However, providing cyber security is not the only application of a VPN. There are other benefits that small businesses can consider taking into account.

This article has discussed 5 of such applications that underline the importance of VPN. They are:

Improves online security

business often falls short of a large budget to be spent on online security to
protect their data. Thus, small businesses tend to fall prey to hacking and cyber-attacks. 

  • A VPN is a cost-effective way to offer them security against
    data breaches and other malfunctions taken place over the Internet. 
  • A VPN provides the data flow through an encrypted tunnel.
    Thereby there is no chance of it getting decrypted. 
  • A VPN can hide your original IP address and assigns a new IP
    address of a VPN server. Moreover, VPN helps you hide your online activities
    from ISPs. 

Enable safe access of files in public networks

connecting to public Wi-Fi invites the threat of information breach, it becomes
easier for hackers to access your sensitive information. To protect your small
businesses from such data breaches, you must employ a virtual private network

With VPN, you
can access your official as well personal files with no worry. A VPN has the
ability to block anyone who is trying to get access to your information.

VPNs are cost-effective

As a small
business owner, you might be struggling to manage your expenses on IT
infrastructure. If yes, you must opt for VPN as it’s the most cost-effective
option of all (it costs about $50-$100 per year). It offers a feature that
allows five people to access the services provided by it with a single account.
Thus, a single VPN account suffices the needs of 5 employees in your small

It’s quite a
practical choice to buy a good VPN router. It provides secure Wi-Fi with a
single VPN account. You can install a VPN to the router. And thereby enable all
your employees to use the service without any issue. 

Get access to all the websites from the world

With VPN, you
can access desired files even when the Internet is restricted in that
particular area. Especially for employees who need to travel to the countries
where the Internet is restricted. 

A VPN is a
network that hides your original IP address. Thus, you can easily get access to
all the websites from the world. 

You can also
get access to corporate websites that are being blocked in a certain area. You
can only get access to the corporate resources if you have a VPN. 

Affordable setup and maintenance cost 

It does not
require any physical infrastructure for its working. All you require is a VPN
subscription, and you can resume utilizing its service. 

Even if you
are planning to set up the VPN server, it won’t charge you much. Its set up and
maintenance are also an easy process. 


Any small
business’s success depends majorly on its ability to utilize available
resources optimally and make the most of them. A virtual private network is a
viable yet affordable option for small businesses of all kinds. It offers
desired security from all the potential cyberattacks, safe access to public
networks, requires affordable setup and maintenance cost etc. This article has
discussed five such benefits of installing VPN for small businesses. 


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