Amid crisis in Afghanistan, even CNN questions Biden’s competence

By Jenny Goldsberry

Chris Cillizza of CNN wrote an op ed Monday openly questioning President Biden’s competence as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban. Cillizza is the network’s editor at large. He says reports from Afghanistan proved “the situation was totally and completely out of control” and now Biden’s image is at stake.

“Seven months into his first term, however, Biden is faced with nothing short of a crisis of that competence, beset on a number of fronts with developments that it appears all of his experience and know-how didn’t prevent,” Cillizza writes. “While the crisis in Afghanistan is front and center in this reexamining of Biden’s competence argument, it’s far from the only data point in that conversation.”

Cillizza pointed to Biden’s mask mandate reversal, and then second reversal. Then, he wrote about the crisis at the border. He reiterated what Sara Carter has reported on from the beginning: “the Biden administration is nowhere near where it wants or needs to be when it comes to its handling of the border crisis.”

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