Analyzing vaccine mandates with Prof. Bruce Pardy of Queen’s University

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As more vaccine passports and mandates are issued across Canada, civil rights continue to take a hit. And yet, while this is happening, the individuals and groups designed to standup for civil liberties are largely silent — law professors, judges, lawyers, human rights groups.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, one of these people sat down in studio for a feature interview.

Professor Bruce Pardy, a law professor from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, joined Ezra to talk at length about vaccine passports, mandates and the challenges currently faced by Canadians during this civil liberties crisis.

Speaking about his concern surrounding the initial measures put in place by the government and how this is a warning of what’s to come with vaccine passports, Bruce said:

Some of us said at the time, watch out. This is not going to go well. You’re not going to stop this and once you get it rolling, the government won’t want to roll it back. And look at what has happened. And the same thing I think is going to happen with these vax passports. Once you start down that road, you have the infrastructure in place. And then they can start to measure other kinds of things to make sure your on the right side of things before you’re allowed to do stuff.

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