Partners with Canadian Gaming Giant Bravio Tech on Global Lotteries Partners with Canadian Gaming Giant Bravio Tech on Global Lotteries

Following on from its landmark partnership with HTC, has partnered with Canadian gaming and lottery giant Bravio Technologies. The partnership will see increase its Bitcoin Cash reach into international lotteries, one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

The new platform is to be developed by Bravio and will be hosted by Users visiting will soon have the option to play a variety of games including anonymous Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) lotteries, enhanced quickfire sweepstakes, and the ever-popular Mega Jackpot weekly draws.’s crypto lotteries will be fully transparent, secure, and will function entirely on blockchain technology. Automatic payouts will be sent directly to users’ digital wallets and, due to the anonymous nature of the blockchain, the lotteries will provide a fully-private way to both play and claim lottery winnings.

Stefan Rust, CEO of, explained: “ partnering with Bravio introduces global lotteries such as Powerball and El Gordo to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are delighted as Bravio brings extensive lottery expertise complementing our deep-rooted cryptocurrency and blockchain technology expertise.”

Bravio CEO Paul Carroll added, “The digital entertainment industry is constantly growing. The demand for new and innovative ways to pay, play, and cash out is at the forefront of Bravio’s business strategy. As blockchain technology evolves, new markets are opening, and co-mingling cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming is something we have looked at for a few years now. The partnership with is a fantastic opportunity for both companies to scale! Our aim is to bring highly secure crypto gaming to the masses.”’s partnership with Bravio Tech supports the crypto company’s goal of helping more people access and use Bitcoin Cash in whichever way works for them. The platform aims to become a hub for BCH, BTC, and international lotteries alike, giving users the chance to enter from anywhere in the world using crypto payment methods.

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