Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life

Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life

The last decade has seen central banks print trillions of dollars, governments grown much larger, wars continue with no end, and ordinary citizens taxed even more. Thankfully there are individuals and small pockets of people all around the world who believe something is wrong. Many of these people have a plan to help end the illegitimacy of the nation states. Whether it be through protests, unschooling, and spreading stateless education, there are various methods available in this day and age. Bitcoin and the cryptoconomy are also great forms of protest, providing an experiment of voluntarily trade in an untaxed, unregulated economy.

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Satoshi’s Invention Unleashed an Alternative to the Rigged Financial System

Despite the negativity surroundings the failures of governments worldwide, some people have a strategy to fight back. As the years have progressed, bureaucrats have continued to plunder the everyday lives of billions of people worldwide. They wage wars, devalue currencies and cause inflation. The state and colluding corporations pollute and perpetuate violence on a regular basis. Even though things look bleak, there are people fostering a slow evolution toward a free society. Various methods and tools can be used to build a comprehensible plan that removes the state from every individual’s life. One of the tools that’s being used to achieve more liberty is Satoshi’s bitcoin and the wide variety of other digital currencies born afterward. Using a digital currency can remove the state from economic equations and bypass intrusive bureaucracies.

Governments get most of their power from the financial system and they have rigged the structure so as to drain the world’s wealth to a small corrupt group of individuals. To a lot of people, using a digital currency to circumvent the rigged system is morally valid in the face of the nation state’s deceit and fraud. At any point in time, individuals can use a cryptocurrency like bitcoin cash to remove themselves from the manipulated economy that funds evil.

Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life

When Satoshi unleashed the network in January 2009, the creator gave people an alternative to the state’s tender and the ability to remove ourselves from the global banking system. Cryptocurrencies have been around for over 10 years now and they have provided individuals and organizations with the ability to pull value away from the corrupt monetary system the world’s bureaucrats have created. Alternative monetary systems can make the nation state’s filthy fiat irrelevant.

Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life

Anarchy, Agora, Action: Building a Strong Counter Economy

Despite the fact that a lot of digital assets are tied to public ledgers, there are still ways to transact anonymously. People can barter or work for cryptocurrencies and obtain them in a private fashion. They can pay cash for digital currencies as well by skipping over the banking rails entirely. Certain cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash (BCH) can be mixed with shuffling platforms like Cashshuffle. There are coins have high sets of anonymity and blockchains that render transaction analysis null and void. People can still use Tor, virtual private networks (VPNs) and trade printed paper bearer bonds as well.

Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life
Using bitcoin or cryptocurrency solutions to bypass the state is a form of agorism. The philosophy of agorism is based on the principles of counter economics and free markets. State monopolies are challenged because there is no restriction on the voluntary exchange of goods and services in the counter economy.

With some determination and good operations security (opsec), anyone can transact with cryptocurrencies in a private manner. Over time, individuals can create a better financial system that’s both anti-establishment but which also develops a priori axiomatic tenets toward a strong counter economy. All it takes to join this sub-economy is some effort and a passionate drive toward freedom. In April 2014, Bitcoin Not Bombs founder Davi Barker explained in a Daily Anarchist blog post that the counter economy is the most efficient tactic against the state, writing:

The key to putting both feet in the counter economy is taking the initiative, soliciting feedback, and making a profit. Agorism provides the most sustainable activist strategies because it’s rooted in the market, not in the political system.

It may take a while for the counter economy to defeat the state but it’s wielding more strength every day. Satoshi’s invention has, at the very least, shown the world that there are alternatives to this manipulated monetary system. There are lots of people who believe Nakamoto was a libertarian who gave the world a new tool to fight against the status quo.

“We will not find a solution to political problems in cryptography, but we can win a major battle in the arms race and gain a new territory of freedom for several years,” Satoshi said in November 2008. “Governments are good at cutting off the heads of a centrally controlled networks like Napster, but pure P2P networks like Gnutella and Tor seem to be holding their own.” Bitcoin’s inventor outlined a permissionless roadmap for peer-to-peer electronic cash that attracted people who rejected the traditional financial incumbents.

Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life
An interview I did with Cody Wilson in 2015.

Cryptocurrencies derive their value and power from voluntary consumers while the state takes its power from stealing from nonviolent consumers they call citizens. Without continued support from consumers, the state and its monetary system will eventually fall apart. All people have to do is convince enough individuals to support the counter economy.

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What do you think about bitcoin and digital currencies being used as a tool to circumvent the state? What do you think about the relationship between cryptocurrencies and agorism? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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