Breaking Info on China and Their Plans for War


Communist China continues to build its military weapons and it appears the country may be preparing for war.

Missile Tests

On August 21, 2021, the country’s media reported that the Rocket Force tested two short-range missiles. These reportedly can penetrate multi-layer defense systems. This can affect places stationed hundreds of miles away and can overcome complex electromagnetic interference defense systems.

The state television in China broadcasted footage of the concerning missile launch and how well it took out its targets.

The People’s Liberation Army’s senior engineer, Wu Shaomin discussed that weapon technology being studied.

“To improve the rapid response capability, we mainly studied the feasibility of compression of missile weapon technology process,” Shaomin said. “Second, we increased the training of our launch unit and improve the operation accuracy of our launch personnel.”

United States Faces China Threats

This unfortunately has the potential to target both the United States and Taiwan according to military experts.

China is also now becoming quite close with the Taliban as chaos envelopes the Middle East.

The Taliban has been given weapons from China for decades and United States leaders have continuously refused to acknowledge this threat.

It appears that both the communist country and the Islamic terrorists have come to an understanding because China’s Kabul embassy has stayed open. The Taliban has been linked to China even before 9/11.

Ties to the Taliban

Beijing has been supplying the Taliban with high technology weapons such as specialized missiles, landmines, grenades and anti-aircraft guns. They have also supplied the terrorists with large-caliber sniper rifles complete with millions of rounds of ammunition.

President Joe Biden who took office controversially in January withdrew United States troops from Afghanistan which paved the way for the Taliban to take over. In true Democrat fashion, Biden blamed Donald Trump for the move after his horrendous decision received backlash.

As China continues to become a threat to the U.S., the future of foreign relations is up in the air.


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