BREAKING: Protesters attempt to enter United Conservative Party annual general meeting

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During our coverage of the United Conservative Party’s annual general meeting we noticed an increased security and police presence.

The building entrance was locked down and there was a noticeable commotion outside, videographer Kian Simone attempted to film the incident, but the windows were covered and the doors were locked. Kian was also informed that the building was on lockdown and that he would not be allowed to depart.

Fortunately, we had friends on the outside who captured the action and we will bringing you that footage as soon as possible.

We learned that Pastor Artur Pawlowski and a group of up to 50 protesters attempted to enter the building in an effort to call for Premier Jason Kenney’s resignation.

When we were finally allowed outside, the crowd had rapidly dissipated and only a few officers remained. I spoke with one who told me that the crowd had cleared out quickly and without any major incident.

Those gathered inside the venue are concerned that UCP members still attempting to enter the event — but have been delayed as a result of the protest — will miss a motion being currently debated by the party’s membership that would make a recall or review of party leadership, nominally Jason Kenney, an easier process moving forward

Our very own Chief Videographer Mocha Bezirgen is now following the protest and we will bring you any action as it unfolds.

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