BREAKING: Trudeau’s hand-picked debate commission BANS Rebel News again!

Moments ago, Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked election debate commission banned us from attending this year’s leaders debates.

That is illegal. And Trudeau’s debate commission knows it. 


They know it because they did this last election, and the Federal Court of Canada condemned them for it, and ordered them to accredit our journalists. 

In fact, it was so bad that Trudeau’s lawyers were ordered to pay us thousands of dollars for forcing us to go to court to assert our freedom of the press.

But Trudeau never thinks the law applies to him, does he? And it’s not like the money he had to pay came from his own pocket.

So, despite that Federal Court ruling, he simply ordered his minions to ban us, again.

But that’s the state of our democracy in 2021. 

We’re going to court again. I hope we’ll win. But Trudeau is taking no chances. Last time, he sent literally FIVE government lawyers to fight us. I expect they’ll need a bigger courtroom this time.

If you can help us crowdfund that emergency lawsuit please do — click here, or go to

This whole thing is so un-Canadian. For decades, election debates were organized by news organizations and other groups. The government wasn’t involved — that’s an obvious conflict of interest.

Imagine if Stephen Harper had nationalized the campaign debates — and then banned left-wing reporters he didn’t like!

We literally tried to get accreditation for NINE different Rebel News journalists. Every single one of them was banned. I’m starting to get the feeling that maybe Trudeau is a bit worried about the questions we’d ask him!


What’s even worse, is that after Trudeau was rebuked by the Federal Court in 2019, he ordered the debate commission to come up with new rules that could be used to keep out Rebel News.

But the problem is, there was no way to do that without also banning left-wing journalists that Trudeau likes!

Could they try to ban Rebel News because we sometimes express opinions? Well, so do hundreds of journalists — newspapers have entire opinion sections, full of editorials and even political endorsements.

Could they try to ban us because we make financial contributions to causes, through crowdfunding? Well, we actually never donate money to political parties or candidates — our crowdfunding goes to things like helping low-income people hire civil liberties lawyers. But the vast majority of other journalists in Canada do make partisan election donations, through their labour unions. The largest journalism union, Unifor, just released a vicious attack ad on the Conservative Party. We’d never be as partisan as them, or Rosemary Barton, the CBC pundit who personally sued the Conservative Party in the middle of the last election. 

So what rules could Trudeau’s debates commission come up with to keep us out, while also keeping in all their bail-out media friends?

It’s quite incredible: their official rules for accreditation actually ban everything I’ve just listed above (including merely expressing an opinion!) — unless you are a member of the official Parliamentary Press Gallery, or a handful of other insider clubs.

They have extremely strict rules that almost no journalist could pass — they literally ban holding an opinion. But they specifically say that none of their rules actually apply to the hundreds of Liberal insiders in the Parliamentary Press Gallery. None of their rules actually apply to anyone except outsiders like Rebel News.

In fact, Trudeau’s debate commission rules specifically include foreign, state broadcasters, like government media outlets from Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.


We went to court last time, and we won — it was a real David and Goliath moment. Well, Goliath is angry, and they’re clearly trying to rig the rules.

I won’t lie — it’s an uphill battle now. The rules really are written just to ban us (their rules even name us specifically — the only media company to be singled out). They’re not even trying to hide it.

Fine. Let’s go to court again, and ask the Federal Court of Canada to let us in again.

It will be useful to check: does freedom of speech still apply in Trudeau’s Canada? It did back in 2019. Two years later — do we still have that freedom?

Sure this is for Rebel News reporters. But isn’t it about something bigger, too — like freedom of the press for all Canadians? I predict that not a single bail-out media journalist will even care that we’re banned. And: how can liberal journalists taking money from Trudeau not be a sign of political bias in itself? Aren’t we more independent than every one of them?


We spent thousands of dollars fighting Trudeau in court last time. Although he had to pay a portion of our legal fees when we won, it didn’t cover everything. I expect him to fight even more viciously now, especially since he’s having such a bad campaign so far, and doesn’t want any Rebel News-style questions.

If you can help us please do — click here, or visit We’ll post the lawsuit there when we file it.

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