Cali Shai Bergandi Has Got Satanic Ritual Abuse Under Control

At the Melbourne Freedom Rally today (20 November 2021), this was one of the signs “Satanic cults run the world”. The message of reality is becoming known. (source Dee M)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

YouTube has a channel called The Imagination Project, run by a young lady named Emma. On November 14, 2021 Emma interviewed Cali Shai Bergandi, a survivor of ritual abuse, who regularly tells her story on Twitter. By five days later the video had 8300 views. It is almost two hours long.

Cali said she left school at age 16 and became a realtor, and has been a realtor for 16 years.  So I think she is 32 years old and thus was born around 1989. But I am not sure.

I am writing this article because a friend of mine watched the full 2 hours and said “I can’t believe her. This story is nonsense.” I believe almost everything Cali said. I will tell you right now the three things I don’t believe, so we can get that out of the way.

  1. Cali said that one of the things done to her was to get her pregnant and then remove the baby at 6 months (25 weeks; full term is 40 weeks). If the plan was to use that baby for something other than body parts, I think they would have let her carry it to 28 weeks.
  1. Cali also said that they harvested her eggs. A female has her lifetime supply of eggs as soon as she is born. Once she reaches puberty, the eggs begin to be discharged at the rate of one every 28 days. I believe, but I may be wrong, that if a surgeon opened the ovary, it would be possible only to take the full supply of eggs, not just some of them.
  1. Cali made a passing reference to bloodlines. I think there is a misapprehension out there about someone living today being the descendant of, say, Julius Caesar or King Alfred. Sure they may have begat a kid who begat a kid, and so forth down the centuries. But every baby gets 23 chromosomes from each of its two parents. So if we find a person today who truly came down the line directly from Caesar, that person has only got a tiny bit, I would say a negligible bit, of Caesar’s traits in him. (Granted, though, some families in the last three centuries made an effort to interbreed, and so there may be modern “bloodlines” of some significance.)

Another item she got wrong (but does not claim to have special knowledge of it) is that “Navy can do anything offshore because there is no law in international waters.” In fact Article I, section 8 of the US Constitution says Congress can “define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas.”

There. You see, I haven’t got much to hold against Cali Shai Bergandi. I was just trying to demonstrate that whilst I am sympathetic to survivors of cruelty, I feel free to knock anything they tell us that looks to me untenable historically or logically. The method in my madness is that I want to persuade you that I am not a member of the Bleeding Hearts Club and am willing to challenge any of the victims. Of course it would be quite possible to check out all the details Cali provides in the video. The state authorities could do it.

By the way, let’s hold Cali to the test for two claims she made.  She says she has pads on the bottom of her feet from being made to walk on hot coals. Let’s see them, please.  And she says they chipped the wall of her vagina.  Let’s get a radio readout of that chip.

Does Human Nature Support These Practices? 

My friend who does not believe Cali’s story probably has a general belief that people don’t mistreat each other so badly. So I have concocted a way to explain to him, that human nature — I mean “human nature under certain conditions” — can account for 12 of the practices described by Cali.

Everybody knows that humans have a mating urge, same as other animals, so I will assume that when Cali discusses being raped, I don’t need to explain how a person can want to have sex with another. All adults have sex. The odd thing is that here we are talking about and adult having sex with a child.  What’s that all about?

Note: in the 2014-2017 Royal Commission study of child sexual abuse in Australia, thousands of persons came forward to testify about having been abused in schools, sports, etc. The Prime Minister issued a formal apology to them. He included the phrase “ritual abuse.” This means the setting was a “rite” in which the sexual activity took place with many spectators, and in a purportedly “religious” context.

Ten of Cali’s Experiences

Cali rattled off the following experiences she has had, or saw, in her cult community:

  1. Parents sold their children into sex abuse, for money. 2. Men like to go hunting for potential victims. 3. Her mother was a breeder and she (Cali) was born for purposes of sex slavery 4. Members of the cult seek means of remaining young by drinking blood. 5. Some boys have their teeth pulled out so they can perform oral sex on men. 6. Loyalty within the cult is extreme and is enforced by a private police force. 7. Girls were entered into child marriages. 8. Businesses were formed (such as hair salons) for the purpose of laundering the money made by sex trafficking. 9. A member leads a double life, such that neighbors think he’s a nice guy working at ordinary employment. 10. Some cult members get into bestiality. 11. The members’ leaders value the brotherhood. 12. The sexual grooming of children is increasing.

Ten Biological Explanations

 I will now argue that these weird things can be accounted for, by studying human nature. But I should also add that human nature, that is, our collection of biological traits, leads to the formation of cultural practices — e.g., our innate predisposition to seek balance in relationships leads to the cultural practice of gift-giving, which is found in every human society. Cultural practices, once institutionalized, are susceptible to hypertrophy, viz, they may get carried to an unreasonable extreme.

  1. Parents sold their kids for money. You have heard of the human nature trait of greed?
  1. Men like to go hunting for victims. You have heard of the male urge to hunt game for food?
  1. Cali was bred for slavery from her Mom who was enslaved as a breeder. We know that slave-owners cultivate their “crop” by having their slaves reproduce, right?
  1. Cult uses blood drink to gain enhanced health. Anybody not heard of the historic search for the Fountain of Youth?
  1. Boy’s teeth were pulled out so men could have more pleasure (and safety) in oral sex. It is quite normal for people to exploit one another either for real advantage or for the hell of it. (Think of chemical manufacturers that expose employees to dangerous gases.)
  1. Loyalty within the cult is extreme and is enforced. Is this not normal? How about your own ethnicity, religious denomination, or social class — don’t you have a psychological barrier against acting disloyally?
  1. Girls were entered into child marriages. Cali explains that this was done to her, in a foreign country to get legal cover for the sex slavery. When was the last time you used legal cover for something shady you were engaged in.
  1. Businesses were formed for the purpose of hiding financial transactions. Think of the machinations of creating shell companies (but among Cali’s friends the businesses were small and real).
  1. A member leads a double life, coming across as a nice guy. Is anything more natural that putting one’s best face on, to impress or gain the trust of others?
  1. Some cult members get into bestiality. Cali witnessed her grandfather raping a dog and then choking it to death. The main human-nature trait here seems to be the lust for power. Many psychologists say that the act of sexually abusing a child has little to do with the mating urge and a lot to do with the power urge. I think the hormonal drive of the two may be connected. An alpha mammal, as soon as he has achieved status, becomes the most prolific, or even the sole, inseminator of the group’s females.
  1. The force that is making all the cult stuff happen (Cali says) is that it’s a brotherhood. I think we see this in politics today — individuals seem willing to sink their individuality into a Party or a profession or a religion. The bond of brotherhood not only gives security and identity, it makes for “jobs for the boys.”
  1. The many nefarious practices of the group are increasing because there is a brotherhood out there, worldwide. I offer a twofold explanation of this. First, any cultural practice tends to grow, almost as if it is seeking, on its own, to reach a maximum. Second, the world is now in the hands of a few leaders, perhaps because of control of finance. If those leaders are pleased to use cults as a way of global control, the cults will increase.

In my study of sociobiology, I learned the handy word “hypertrophy” (too much growth). The standard example is  moose antlers. In the beginning of that species, they may have been useful, but they’ve grown so big as to be a nuisance to the bearer. Please note: a moose can’t do anything to overcome hypertrophy.  But we can!

Cali’s Amazing Gossip

The interviewer of Cali, Ms Emma, says she will have Cali back for Part Two. I hope you will watch it; Cali is taking such a risk of her life to share this knowledge.  I will now list a few of the items she reported in Part 1. Talk about interesting!

I’ll continue the numbering as from the list above. This is not me talking; this is Cali Shai Bergandi (personal pronoun “I”) talking to Emma:

  1. I was used in NASA experiments. My grandfather worked for NASA.
  1. I was kept in a capsule for more than a week to study lack of gravity, such as what to do when you pee in the air? (Catch it in a bag.)
  1. Freemasons were heavily involved in my life.
  1. The CIA can make perfect face masks. So I would get onto a car thinking the driver ws my cousin, but it wa a oerson wearing a mask of my cousin’s face.
  1. I saw Jeffrey Epstein tortured. He was strapped to a chair and his face was strapped like a gas mask. He was screaming.”
  1. They made Epstein become a handler, a fall guy, and a front.
  1. I have sexually serviced every president since Bush. (I think Cali means Bush Jr, in office 2001-2009.)
  1. The FBI fetched me to the White House for this.
  1. Child porn is made in Disney basement by Nicolodeon and Viacom.
  1. When traveling as a child by plane I wore a white tee shirt so the person meeting me on arrival would recognize me.
  1. Persons in the construction industry can flip properties around to unsuspecting buyers.
  1. Women in the cult finger the baby’s genitals when changing a diaper, to get him or her used to the sexual abuse.
  1. My eye teeth were removed before they developed. The pods grew in a laboratory. (I think this is the source of Cali’s nickname: “I lack eyes.”)
  1. My father was engaged in the business of hiding bodies.
  1. I was sometimes buried in a shallow grave.
  1. The juice-making industry in Florida puts things into juice that you do not know about….
  1. Many doctors who perform torture were trained not at university medical schools but underground.
  1. There are some children born literally underground who never see the light of day.

— Often said by Fiona Barnett (about kids in cellars). By the way, you may recall that I tried to check up on Fiona’s statement that General Boykin had caused terrible harm to children. I wrote to the DoD and got a cop-out answer yonks later, saying that the pandemic was delaying their work.  I also tried the Defense Intelligence Agency and received a rejection — based on my failure to show how the DIA is relevant to the matter. Hmm.  But that’s the point, isn’t it?

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