Catherine Stevenson (61-year-old) Died After AstraZeneca Vaxxine

Catherine Stevenson (61-year-old) Died After AstraZeneca Vaxxine

By Staff Reporter

Catherine Stevenson

Age – 61
AstraZeneca 18th March 2021
Died – 6th April 2021

Catherine was fit and healthy, she had the AstraZeneca on 18th March 2021 and the next morning on 19th March 2021 she suffered a Severe Stoke (9/10) and a Cerebral Haemorrhage.

She was hospitalized for just over 2 weeks in a stroke ward. She died on April 6th at 5.26 pm of a clot in the artery going to her lungs (PE). She had been on oxygen 6 days before they even scanned her for a clot! The doctor at the hospital said quote “An Unfortunate Victim of the Vaccine”.

Catherine had Husband Peter, 3 Daughters Anita (passed away Thelina & Jessica, 2 Sons Daniel (passed away) & Michael, 9 Grandchildren Jake, Bella, Kobe, Darcy, Lola, Ollie, Tilly, Jasper (is due next month) & Teddie (passed away).


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