CBC named fact checker for Facebook Canada during election

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Facebook Canada has named both the CBC and its French language service Radio Canada as election campaign fact checkers, tasked with monitoring the accuracy of news produced by other organizations.

Facebook recently released their Canadian Election Integrity Initiative after giving an exclusive interview to CBC reporters about the program.

The social media giant’s head of public policy in Canada, Kevin Chan, told CBC that if you’re “upset with a decision by Facebook to remove a post”, you can appeal to an independent oversight board, which in turn was set up by Facebook.

“Politicians are not exempt from enforcement against breaches of our harmful misinformation policy”, continued Chan.

According to a report on the program in Blacklock’s,

One other media outlet, Agency France-Press, the subsidized Paris-based news agency, will also act as a campaign fact checker. “Facebook requires fact-checking organizations to be independently certified,” said Alex Kucharski, spokesperson for the company.

One of the programs in the Initiative is an emergency Facebook cyber hotline to help address “cyber challenges” including suspected hacks.

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