CNN Journalist Clarissa Ward Notes Taliban in Kabul Want to Kill Her, But They Seem Nice

Whenever you review anything broadcast by CNN covering world events it is important to remember this is the PR firm of the U.S. State Department. [Not figurative, literal]. CNN works directly with the State Department on messaging.

Today CNN journalist Clarissa Ward gives a report from Kabul, Afghanistan [Full Video Report Here]. During part of the report Ms. Ward notes the Taliban are chanting “death to America”, but they seem so warm and friendly… This is laughable, and hearkens back to the “mostly peaceful” BLM riots, but in a way it’s really sad. This is not only the outlook from CNN, this is the way professional leftists in the U.S. State Department view the situation. WATCH:

[embedded content]

CNN Has Become a Meme of Themselves…


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