Cometh passes $6M in Daily Trading volumes on ComethSwap

Cometh, a DeFi-powered game with yield-generating NFTs has crossed the $6,000,000 mark in daily trading volume on ComethSwap. A true indication of the power of crypto-powered incentives, not to mention the earnings and rewards that can be enjoyed with the right tools and design in place.

At the current rate, Cometh is on its way to being completely self-sustaining while giving out more than $20,000 in weekly rewards to players.

How It Works

To play, users just have to navigate to and connect their WalletConnect-compatible wallet. Digital assets in their wallet can be used to collect and trade in-game items such as collectible spaceships. They can also earn tokens from ERC-20 protocols by staking wallet assets in a staking pool.

Using, users can seamlessly convert the tokens they hold to the MUST tokens needed for staking. The virtuous cycle continues with more staking leading to more tokens that can be reinvested in a staking pool once more.

Over the past 30 days, the leading Cometh player earned almost $9,500, and the leading spaceship earned over $1,000. In total, across over 2,000 spaceships in-game, over $90,000 in rewards have been distributed.

Joining the Cometh Party

The Cometh space exploration party can be joined by anyone today at and visiting with a connected wallet. On tokens can be converted to Cometh’s MUST token to start staking. 

There are thousands in weekly rewards to be won and as the ecosystem grows, so do the rewards and returns. Cometh has introduced game-changing liquidity partners like Strudel, Ether Legends, and Razor Network with multi-token rewards and APY’s of up to 65,065%.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice. 

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