Completing a Census – Solutions Empowerment Mid Week Message – August 12, 2021

Hi Folks,

A number of folks have asked us if completing a census is mandatory or not, & what options one has in regard to how to address receiving it.

Let’s be very clear, that all residents and citizens of Australia, Commonwealth of Australia are required to complete a census, by reason you agreed, by the above status, to subvert your status to that of a slave or serf, a thing, res & person. Any creature of statute is compelled and obligated to comply with all Federal and your State legislation. In this instance it’s the Census and Statistics Act 1905 (Cth).

If, however you agree you’re a man or a woman, then there’s no law (legislation is not law) on earth that compels or obligates you to complete a census. So, the good news is you get to decide whether you wish to complete a census or not.

As a wo/man you have two easy options in dealing with the census form.

  1. Refuse to participate, which is every bit your right to do. To do this you simply leave the paperwork inside the plastic sheet or envelope as it it is & write with thick black text diagonally across the top of the plastic sheet or envelope:


      Do not accept offer to contract

      No consent = No contract

      Return to sender for cause without dishonour”

Now return it to the sender. If the address isn’t clearly visible, then of course either search via google the address of the Australian Bureau of statistics or open the plastic sheet or the envelope & locate the address, then reseal the package.

    Note: A contract is formed (to complete the census) when you open the plastic sleeve or the envelope! So, if you select this option, then make it appear that you haven’t opened the plastic sleeve or the envelope.

This process may or may not settle the census issue. 

If it does not & you have a census officer visit, either:

a) keep your door closed so it appears no-one is home (even an open front door is deemed an invitation to enter by any visitor), or

b) If you answer the door, you will need to hold your position by asking the visitor;

  1. On what authority do they rely to direct you to complete the census? Their answer is the above Act.
  2. (You want confirmation the Act is their key source of authority) “Is there any other Act you rely on or is that it?” (They’ll confirm it’s the only Act)
  3. “But that’s an Act isn’t it?” (You want it confirmed by a second witness – them, under the higher laws “the truth is established out of the mouths of two or more witnesses, a key principle of the Rules of Equity). They answer “Yes”
  4. “Are we in agreement that I’m a wo/man”? “What has that to do with it?” or “What do you mean by that?”      “I’ll tell you in a moment, but are we in agreement I’m a wo/man?” “Yes, what’s the relevance?”
  5. “Thank you, we’ve agreement that I’m a wo/man. How does an Act apply to a wo/man, do you have evidence that it does?”  (Stunned) or “It applies to everyone”.”Really, do you see my property, my name, in that word everyone? Identify it please” (Silence) “Obviously we agree I’m not “everyone”. I don’t consent to the census & elect not to participate, good bye”. (Now close the door)

You cannot be forced to comply with legislation (Acts, statutes) without you first giving your consent. Rules of Equity, being a part of contract, prevails of other forms of law.

  1. You may accept & then complete the census on your terms, cross out with a straight line by ruler any terms & conditions that are not favourable to you, initial the amendment as per any contract, add any terms & conditions that are favourable to you, then initial the amendment, & finally countersign it.

There is a signature of the offerer on the 1st page of the census, being the Commonwealth seal, the Commonwealth’s valuable signature (Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) s97(2)) which makes the census a simple offer that you may accept and complete on your terms. Any information you don’t wish to disclose, either cross the box or paragraph out & initial it, or enter information that is unrelated to you. You can have as much fun with the census document as your creativity allows you!

Ensure you add a one-dollar postage stamp on the census document somewhere, possibly the 1st page where it’s instantly visible, being an amount of consideration sufficient to support a simple contract (Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) s32(1)), a postage stamp considered as “currency” in every country on earth! Of course, Sign the bottom of every 

page of the census.

The pages of the census are all joined together, thereby being a contract. Ensure you sign the bottom of each page as per contractual principles.

See scanned copy of the plastic sleeve with the “Unclaimed” print on the top of the plastic sheet.

See also a scanned copy of some pages of the completed census form. The missing pages are completed the same as page 3.

Only downside to the 2nd option is that you identify who you are.

The upside is you can complete the contract on your terms & if the defaulter (they) default the contract you can pursue an award from them for breach of contract.                                

As far as the law is concerned, by you having completed the census form, and posted it to the address disclosed within the form, you’ve complied with the census.

Have fun folks & set aside all fear. There is nothing to fear. The establishment have totally lost control over you when they realise you no longer fear them.

Download Sample Forms here:

  1. Scan 1
  2. Scan 2
  3. Scan 3
  4. Scan 4
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  6. Scan 6

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