CONFIRMED! Graphene Oxide Main Ingredient In Covid Shots

By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND

A former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation proving that GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES is the key ingredient in Biotech’s Covid-19 serums.

This means that an unapproved industrial poison is being dishonestly marketed as “vaccines” and injected into children’s veins.

In her must-watch interview with Stew Peter’s on July 28th, Kingston reveals how graphene oxide was hidden under a trade secret. It was therefore not recorded in Biotech’s patent filing as an ingredient in the Covid-19 serums. It was also not disclosed to the public Kingston explains, because it was not required due to it being the registered intellectual property of the pharmaceutical cartel.

Prior to the Stew Peters interview, Karen Kingston did a series of four additional interviews with Doug Billings on The Right Side. These are all well worth listening to:

Graphene oxide has never been used on humans before but it’s been extensively researched for intended use on humans. There are over 2000 studies on Graphene Oxide Toxicity and 500 of them were published in 2017.

On August 5th, Kingston gave another crucial interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the Alex Jones Show where they showed us documents confirming without a shadow of a doubt that Biotech’s Covid-19 jabs include graphene oxide and lipid-coated nanoparticles.

Kingston also exposed how Pfizer lied about their data reporting to coerce people into taking their poisonous Covid injections.

Karen Kingston Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Covid Injections are Poisonous Bioweapons

Dr. Kaufman showed a study entitled, Graphene oxide-incorporated hydrogels for biomedical applications, revealing that graphene oxide has been developed for biomedical gene and drug delivery under the EU’s “Graphene Flagship” which I wrote about here.

Under the one billion euros EU project, gene delivery for an intranasal SARS-Cov-2 flu vaccine was tested using… wait for it… graphene oxide!

A patent from China was filed and approved last year, using graphene oxide nanotechnology in gene and drug delivery and diagnostic purposes for… wait for it… a “coronavirus vaccine”!

There are a couple dozen articles describing the use of lipid-nanoparticles and graphene oxide for ovarian cancer treatment using gene therapy, Kingston points out. Moderna was in fact, researching and developing graphene oxide for cancer treatment. Moderna is specialized in cancer cures, not vaccines. Moderna was an oncology cancer therapy company.

Alexandra Henrion Caude is an RNA-based genetic scientist who confirmed in January that the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech “vaccines” are not vaccines at all but it’s a technology that is closer to gene therapy.

Caude goes on to say it’s also inappropriate to call the mRNA therapeutics or mRNA-based drugs “gene therapy” because they’re #1. Being administered to healthy people #2. mRNA technology was developed to treat cancer.

Graphene was considered a “wonder material” due to its never-before-seen properties. It’s the strongest material known to man with 1000 times the strength of titanium and yet, it’s nano-particularized.

Graphene oxide is super-elastic, and highly conductive, enabling it to enter even the brain. Its potential applications in biomedicine were enormous and a multibillion-dollar industry was looming that could revolutionize the diagnostic and treatment of diseases.

Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, etc, were in a race to research and development Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles as a cancer cure. So, Graphene oxide was injected into animals and used as the vector to deliver a novel mRNA drug technology directly into cells.

At first, the animals seemed fine and the cancer cells were successfully destroyed. But two months after inoculation all the animals got sick and DIED from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)! Healthy cells were destroyed by the Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles. Safety and toxicity were the pharma cartel’s main challenges in using this novel technology for biomedical applications such as gene therapy.

After two animal trials that resulted in the death of all the animals, graphene oxide could not be approved for use in humans due to its toxicity to healthy cells and due to ADE, which is where the immune system destroys itself.

Front line doctors are already seeing ADE in these unapproved Covid-19 human trials. Experts such as Europe’s leading virologist Professor Dolores Cahill, world-renown scientist Mike Adams of Natural News, world’s leading virologist Geert Vanden Bossche and Pfizer whistleblower, Dr. Michael Yeadon warned us that ADE would come!

Dr. Judy Mikovitz revealed in her exclusive interview with Mike Adams, that the pharma cartel was totally broke. Their novel technology could not be used for gene therapy after all, despite that pharma had invested a lot of money in the development of graphene oxide for biomedical devices.

According to the animal studies, the pharma cartel also knew that graphene oxide enables ““; aka transmission.

This essentially means that the pharma cartel is falsely marketing gene therapies as “vaccines” in order to profit by injecting an unapproved industrial chemical into humans without their Informed Consent. That is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Laws. Is it apparent now that the pharma cartel is determined to profit anyhow, at the expense of all our lives?

I encourage you to read my article entitled, Graphene Oxide The Vector For Covid-19 Democide, which has added vital information about human exposure to Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles.

We are literally being saturated with this “evil dust” which is the very thing Julian Assange called graphene oxide during his last interview.

Julian Assange On Graphene Oxide “Evil Dust”


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