Conversations – Tips and Experiences

Conversations – Tips and Experiences

By London Times

These are points based on my experiences and may be helpful.

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Please could you check your dms and if possible respond when you can, I know your extremely busy with everything you are doing , thankyou

Such great information! Ty!
Keep your smile on-it’s infectious & lovely.

You are truly amazing…such a kind soul..your parents have done such a great job in raising you..I would be so very proud. Thank you for all you are doing. God bless you darling x

I’m not a nurse but these methods are useful in general about any subject! Thanks!

Thank you so much for all that you are doing. Fantastic video, so helpful as I am having these conversations a lot. In the past I didn’t tell people about my choice because I was scared, now I feel like it is my responsibility to speak up. Totally agree that it is more important to help them understand and accept your choice rather than to make them change their minds. I have in some conversations pushed it too far and you know when you have lost them, I kick myself when this happens! x

You are fabulous! I wish i was in a position to walk with you xxxx i am with you in sprit
Keep@up the amazing work you must get exhausted so take care of the remarkable YOU


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