CPC MP who refused to debate Maxime Bernier has COVID

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The Conservative Member of Parliament who refused to debate People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier because he’s unvaccinated was just diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Ottawa Citizen had the news Saturday night:

Conservative Whip Blake Richards says Richard Lehoux, who represents Beauce in the House of Commons, is experiencing only mild symptoms.

He says Lehoux is fully vaccinated against the virus.

The party says staffers have been made aware of the situation and are following public health guidance.

Richards says Lehoux’s diagnosis should serve as a reminder of the importance of physical distancing and mask-wearing.

The double-jabbed Lehoux has been especially militant about not being around the unvaccinated, despite his own status as a member of Canada’s privileged public health upper-class.

On September 8, at the height of the federal election campaign, Lehoux told media he would not participate in the debate organized by local Radio Beauce set to take place the next day.

According to a report published at the time in L’Éclaireur Progrès:

Mr. Lehoux refuses to be in the same room as the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, because he is not vaccinated against COVID-19 and is unable to prove that he is not a carrier of the virus.

A statement released by Lehoux page detailed his reasons for dodging the debate, while inexplicably not mentioning Bernier by name:

“Unlike the other candidate, I am not ready to take a chance on the health of the Beaucerons, who have given enough in terms of health measures. I spend my campaign on the ground, in Beauce, to meet my citizens, including elderly people or those at greater risk, it is to them that I think. The vast majority of Beaucerons have made a huge collective effort to get out of the crisis. It’s not true that I’m going to ruin all this for one person.”

Previously, Rebel News‘ Alexa Lavoie confronted Lehoux outside terrace of the Sainte-Marie De Beauce golf club and asked him about his strange fear of the un-jabbed Bernier.

Lehoux told Alexa “that we must respect his choice to be vaccinated, but also the choices of others.”

To see that full report where Alexa held Lehoux accountable for his discriminatory decision, click here.

Bernier has never publicly stated if he has had COVID in the past, but he has said he will decline the vaccine. He has been outspoken in his opposition of lockdowns, restrictions and vaccine passports and has drawn the ire of the mainstream media for his anti-segregation stance.

To support strategic litigation against workplace vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, please consider donating to www.FightVaccinePassports.com. Donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt from the registered Canadian charity, the Democracy Fund.

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