Democracy is at risk: Cops protect politicians and stop journalists from asking questions

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Rebel News’ Chief Videographer Mocha Bezirgan tried to ask NDP leader Jagmeet Singh a question at a campaign event. He wanted to ask him about his position on mandatory vaccines in minority communities given the higher rates of vaccine hesitancy. 

Despite Mocha being told that he was welcome to stay outside, an RCMP officer intervened saying he was not allowed to ask a question. The officer then proceeded to try and avoid giving Mocha his name and badge number despite being asked repeatedly. 

The NDP has called the RCMP systemically racist yet they’re being used to help enforce NDP policies. 

In this clip from the Rebel News DAILY Livestream Sheila Gunn Reid and David Menzies discuss the hypocritical NDP policies. On the cop interaction with Mocha, Sheila said:

How does he know so little about what we are allowed to do in a free country and what he’s allowed to do to enforce it?  

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