Dictator Dan carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy in Victoria

Victoria is in real trouble and has been for quite a while. Maybe a look at some history of the state will show why.  Victoria was built more on free settlers, miners, manufacturers and small farmers,  rather than convict labour and huge land holdings such as was held by personage of the NSW rum corps and privileged aristocracy of many other states.

Confederate General Albert Pike, a murderer who pillaged America in the Civil War. His legacy has defined modern day Victoria

From it came the early political movements that resisted  what was then called The Venetian,  City of London Rothschilds power structure. This didn’t escape the notice of this criminal fraternity. Early on they began to undermine any Nationalist development in Australia. 

They imported a war criminal and occultist by the name of Albert Pike from the Uniter States of America.  Albert Pike was a Confederate General who organized a group of guerrilla fighters during the Civil War. They conducted raids way deep into the US mid west States.

They raided small towns, robbed, raped and murdered the inhabitants, mostly women, children and a few old men too feeble to fight in the Union Army. Unfortunately for Albert, a couple of survivors identified him as leader of the group. 

After slaughtering nearly 200 civilians in a town in Illinois and then scalping and dismembering the bodies to make the massacre look like Indians had done it, President Lincoln put a price on Alberts head. Wanted Dead or alive.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy with the blessing of the LNP/ALP duopoly federal government

Pike had been a lawyer, and was a business partner of George Bush’s grandfather until the Civil War began. Prior to that,  Pike had constantly traveled to and from London. He also was responsible for spreading the Jesuit front, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the South of the USA.

He became Grand Master of these lodges.

When the war began to go badly for the Confederate rebellion, Pike fled to Canada.

As a war criminal with a price on his head for murder, he was given refuge by the British.

It was from there he was sent to Victoria to start “Scottish” Freemasonry. He spent several years founding these treasonable witchcraft based entities whose goal is to establish Global Government. Victorians tolerated and supported this criminal in their midst and many communities opened lodges. He should have been deported to the USA for trial.

Pike wrote a book which all high masons value called “Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”. It is a ponderous tome of doublespeak, withcraft, anti Christian slander and instruction in nefarious ways.  It was a sad waste of good paper and ink.

These lodges created the Liberal Party. Pig Iron Bob Menzies was one of their favourite sons. The lodges assisted the destruction of the old Nationalist, Labor Party by infiltrating the British Fabian society into it.

 Governence only went down hill from there. Corruption became the norm. Churches were overtaken by the lodges.  One Liberal masonic Premier, Rupert Hamer went to Las Vegas on the Mafia’s check. 

After gambling, boozing and whoring for a week he returned to Melbourne. The Mafia were given the freedom of the City. They began by taking over the Melbourne produce markets, then spread out from there,  never to leave. Victorians tolerated this.  The police became their protection detail. Now the Vic cops are just thugs. Government became an arm of organized crime for the lodges. 

God has a warning,  given to old Israel. “I will bring judgement and destruction upon those who hate me, unto the third and fourth generation.  But I will show mercy to thousands, who call upon my Name and obey Me”. Herein lies the way out for our nation. Either we serve Baal or Christ.

from the part time Philosopher. 


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