Did Catherine McKenna break COVID rules while travelling to Nunavut? Rebel News lawyers investigate

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Rebel News lawyers have sent letters to the Nunavut RCMP and Territorial Health Authority, asking for an investigation into Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna’s July trip to the northern territory where she was seen disobeying public health orders.

According to the Territory of Nunavut, anyone travelling there must get authorization from Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Officer, and quarantine for two weeks in self-isolation at approved hotels in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Yellowknife. Exemptions to the pre-entry quarantine must be obtained in advance.

Vaccinated travellers still have to follow all public health measures and wear a mask in public for the first 14 days and maintain social distance from others.

However, McKenna posted several pictures of herself to Twitter in which she was clearly ignoring the public health rules requiring her to social distance and wear a mask in public. She was flaunting how she was above the rules that even residents of the territory who return after receiving medical treatment are forced to follow.

Rules are for everyone or for no one. And the harshest lockdown advocates, seeking the strictest punishments for COVID scofflaws, are so often the biggest rule breakers.

We asked our lawyers to send two separate letters, one to the Health Department of Nunavut and another to the RCMP, laying out our evidence and asking for an investigation to be opened into the actions of the minister during her July 30, 2021 trip:

As you know, the Government of Nunavut has instituted requirements pertaining to Travel and Isolation for out-of-territory travellers arriving in Nunavut.

Pursuant to these COVID-19 travel restrictions and section 15 of Nunavut’s Order respecting Social Distancing and Gatherings. All persons entering Nunavut who are exempt from the mandatory fourteen (14) day isolation period set out in the Order Restricting Travel to Nunavut must wear a mask while in a public place and at their place of work for the first fourteen (14) days following their arrival in Nunavut.
The Order defines a public place to include ‘all outdoor areas within the boundary of a municipality in Nunavut.’ In addition to the mask requirement, the Order further mandates that all exempt vaccinated travellers must adhere to all other public health measures, including social distancing.

Our client advises that despite these requirements, Minister McKenna does not appear to have adhered to the Order’s mask requirement, or complied with social distancing protocols. Rather, they advise that she has been traveling around the territory, holding press conferences with the media and meeting with Canadians.

We don’t need to imagine what the reaction would be if McKenna were a conservative. We all saw how the media and the Liberals (but I repeat myself) cheered when People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier was arrested for trying to go to Manitoba for a political rally against the lockdown. It’s time for Liberals to play by the same rules they would use to punish you. That’s the only way the oppressive rules change — when one of them gets in trouble for breaking them.

Holding the Liberals to account for their actions isn’t cheap, but it’s important. It’s necessary for a healthy, functioning democracy. If you would like to help offset the costs of having lawyers draft these letters to the RCMP and the Health Department, please donate today at www.RebelInvestigates.com.

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