Facebook appoints CBC to fact check election news coverage

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Facebook has named CBC and its French language service Radio Canada as fact checkers during the 2021 Canadian election. It’s a decision that raises obvious concerns, given Facebook’s head of public policy in Canada, Kevin Chan, is a former Liberal Party adviser, not to mention the state-funded broadcaster sued the Conservative Party during the 2019 federal election.

On last night’s edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at how ridiculous this arrangement is.

Speaking about the different ways individuals can interpret information, and how rapidly things can shift, Ezra wondered:

Hey, what is disinformation and what is credible information? Can two people disagree on that?

Here’s an easy test: how many genders are there? Are you going to fact check me there, CBC, if I say there’s just two? 

What is it this week?

Are masks good or are masks bad? Do vaccines work really, really well or do they need yearly boosters to top them up? Can vaxxed people carry the virus with them or not? I mean, the science seems to change almost daily. Imagine the CBC censoring what views they don’t like — that’s really what this is about.

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