FACT CHECK: Alberta gov’t is LYING when it says it’s ‘too hard’ to recognize natural immunity

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What if 18% of the population needed a medical procedure to live in society? Would we expect our politicians to do it, so that our friends and neighbours could live their lives as normally as possible? I think we like to think we would do that. But we aren’t.

About two weeks ago in a press conference update to the state of the lockdowns in Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney was asked by David Staples of the Edmonton Journal about the possibility of integrating natural immunity into the province’s “restrictions exemption program.”

The Premier answered that checking for natural immunity is too tricky, and that it will not be integrated into the province’s vax card protocols at this time.

Approximately 82% of Albertans are doubled jabbed, meaning that roughly one in 5 people are facing segregation. Some of those people have had COVID and recovered, and don’t think they need the vaccine. Others aren’t sure if they had the disease, but would like to know before they choose to vaccinate.

But the province won’t allow widespread antibody testing, though a spokesperson for the Health Ministry says the test is used for recovery rate surveillance. Antibody testing can be ordered by a family doctor, but the provincial central lab has been blocking requests for testing — leaving Albertans to opt to pay out of pocket to order their own blood work at private labs, like Ichor. The tests can cost over $100 and require up to a 10-day wait for results to be returned.

To be clear, this is not an argument for an updated, vaccine passport program that integrates natural immunity. I think it’s an evil system that anoints a public health privileged class that is allowed to participate in society in a fulsome way, while the unvaxxed are treated as dirty and scapegoated for the systemic failings of the healthcare system and the people and politicians in charge if it. The vax pass creates people worthy of being indoors and pits them against the outsiders. It’s unacceptable.

Rather — this is a fact check of the government’s excuse for not doing tests and recognizing natural immunity as at least as strong and resilient as the vaccine-induced kind: that it’s “just too hard to do.”

The Alberta government has done 6 million COVID tests on 2.5 million Albertans. Some people are tested every time they go to work. Testing for COVID is available everywhere — at the grocery store, clinics, pharmacies, stand-alone converted trailers, conference centres turned into make shift labs.

Alberta also oversaw the deployment of 6.7 million doses of vaccines and introduced a scannable QR code to verify the inoculation of citizens before they are allowed to have a beer, a meal or a workout.

It can be done. But I predict it won’t be, although I hope I am wrong. Because allowing Albertans to make an informed decision about their health with data about their own bodies strips the government of the fear they use to control our choices.

Imagine finding out you had COVID and hardly even noticed? Would you feel differently next time the people on TV were telling you to hide in your home for Christmas? Imagine finding out you had more antibodies in your blood than your vaccinated spouse? Would you look at the vaccine and the passport that excludes so many the same way?

Antibody testing will cause the house of cards that the vax pass is built on to crumble and fall. That’s why I advocate for it. But you should also be able to know what you want to know about your own health without some government bureaucrat telling you no.

Rebel News, through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, is helping to launch 20 strategic lawsuits in jurisdictions across the country in an attempt to overturn workplace and societal vaccine mandates. To donate, please visit www.FightVaccinePassports.com. Donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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