Federal climate fraudster Angus Taylor MP commits financial and climate fraud by giving $7.5 million to a foreign-owned company to make the climate worse

Angus Taylor, who would have to be Australia’s most corrupt politician, has given $7.5 million of taxpayer’s money to the Chinese and Singaporean owned company Jemena for an electrolyser to blend hydrogen with gas to reduce greenhouse gases. But all the money is going to foreign investors and experts say “emissions from hydrogen made from fossil fuels would still be “substantial”” which means the real beneficiaries are Angus Taylor’s and the government’s mates in the gas industry.

This website is focused on judicial and political corruption, not the environment, but what sparked my interest in this story is the fact that Australia is giving taxpayer’s money to foreign companies to undermine Australia’s emissions reduction obligations. Jemena, the company mentioned above, is 60% owned by the State Grid Corporation of China and 40% owned by the Singapore Power. (Click here to read more)

Angus Taylor tweeted on Thursday 18/11/21:

There are many articles on the topic and The Guardian reported on the 18/11/2021:

Hydrogen produced by fossil fuels is more expensive, will release more greenhouse gas emissions and comes with a greater risk of creating stranded assets, according to new research from the Australian National University.

In the paper, published in the peer-reviewed engineering journal Applied Energy, researchers compared the emissions and financial cost of producing hydrogen using fossil fuels or renewable energy.

“Blue hydrogen” is produced using natural gas while “green hydrogen” is made by running an electric current through water using an electrolyser powered by renewable energy such as wind or solar.

“The Australian government needs to do more than have hopes and prayers and magical thinking in their modelling,” Hamilton said. “They need proper targets, proper policy actions to bring these emerging technologies to market, as they did with wind and solar 20 years ago.” (Click here to read more)

When it comes to the environment Angus Taylor’s main fucus is how much money he can make for himself from dodgy deals

We know that Angus Taylor conspired with Barnaby Joyce to rip off over $80 million via a dodgy water buyback scam so any time I see Angus Taylor mentioned in an article which includes government grants I always suspect he might have stuck his hand out for some cash to go into one of his Cayman Island bank accounts. (Click here to read more) I wonder how many $millions in total has Angus Taylor been able to funnel to his Cayman Island bank accounts since he became a politician.

People can debate the environmental benefits all day every day but what is very odd is the fact that if government didn’t hand over $7.5 million to Jemena they almost certainly would still have gone ahead with the deal anyhow. So why give a foreign company cash for something they would have done without the grant? It wasn’t lost on others as well as per the below comments:

Australia needs people we can trust to oversee Australia’s environmental policies and that certainly doesn’t include Angus Taylor who is meant to be the Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction but he seems to spend most of his time promoting fossil fuels for his mates in the mining industry.

Angus Taylor has a real threat to his position in parliament with independent Penny Ackery running for the seat of Hume with the support of community group Vote Angus Out and others so hopefully Angus might be gone after the next election. And as everyone knows when a Federal ICAC with real power is legislated then numerous Angus Taylor deals will be investigated.

The bottom line to the above article is that Australia has wasted $7.5 million just so Angus Taylor can have a photo opportunity to promote himself and the government as doing something for the environment when they aren’t. So, it’s a blatant financial fraud and environmental fraud. Imagine how much money they will waste pretending they are doing something for the environment when the election is called.

I’ll try and keep a closer eye on environmental issues involving financial fraud leading up to the federal election.

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