Fight for Freedom

I am here today for the essential freedom of human beings, the same reason I went to East Timor, the same reason I served there.

I served the people in East Timor of Australia for their independence & freedom. And if you think back in 1990s, East Timorists were screaming for freedom. They fought, and they fought, and they fought, and they got their freedom.

I was more than happy to go, After I served my time, I thought I would relax. I suffered a lot as a result of my service.

I thought I am relaxed, and I retired. But this is something we cannot, we can no longer ignore this.

It’s garbage, I was at the first march, proud to be there.

Second march? People were afraid. Fears just means false evidence appearing real or face everything as they cover. A WWII veteran told me that.

You know what fear is. It’s nothing is wrong with fear. It’s nothing wrong with anxiety.

Courage is just having fear but still doing what you know the right thing to do even when you are afraid.

That’s simple definition of courage even when I am shaking and scared.

I still stand up for freedom.  We all need to do that.

These medals don’t mean anything without these Australians.

Us, as a team, we are brotherhood, sisterhood. I have wife, I have children, I am human.

I don’t care what your colour skin is, I don’t care if you call yourself Arthur or Martha, I don’t care what‘s between your legs. If you are a human, you want freedom, you don’t want to be caged,Then come with us !


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