Galaxy Digital to Launch 2 New Bitcoin Funds in November

Galaxy Digital Asset Management, a division of the merchant bank Galaxy Digital, is launching two bitcoin funds in November, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter.

Headed by billionaire ex-hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, Galaxy is offering the funds to give accredited investors low-fee, institutionally managed bitcoin exposure and will make a seed investment into both funds. Novogratz hinted that the funds were in the works on CNBC.

The Galaxy Bitcoin Fund will require a $25,000 minimum investment with optional quarterly redemptions. The Galaxy Institutional Bitcoin Fund will allow weekly withdrawals and require minimums higher than $25,000. Both funds will offer professional oversight of bitcoin storage, tax documentation, and client service support.

Paul Cappelli is the portfolio manager for both funds, though they will be passively managed, meaning the investments (in this case, bitcoin) are automatically selected. Galaxy’s asset management division is led by Steve Kurz.

It is unclear how much money Galaxy aims to raise from investors for either fund.

Currently, Galaxy Digital offers the Galaxy Crypto Index Fund, which provides exposure to the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap by tracking the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index. 

Michael Novogratz image via CoinDesk archives.

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