Game Maker Electronic Arts Trolls Crypto Twitter

A brand account bested crypto Twitter at its own game today, trolling the space with a misleading instructions to go all-in on cryptocurrency.

Earlier this afternoon, the Electronic Arts twitter account tweeted out “invest in Crypto,” seemingly unprompted. The tweet had over 10,000 favorites and 4,000 retweets and many Twitter users suggested the account had been hacked.

Known for sports action games like Madden and FIFA, the tweet was actually a marketing stunt aimed at introducing a new character in its game, Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown! coming out this October. The new character is named ‘Crypto,’ in this case referring to traditional cryptography and not Satoshi white papers.

In an apparent conversation with itself, the @EAAccess account asked back “Brother, why do you do this? You will disappoint father” to which it @EA answered “He’s used to it.”

Sadly, cryptocurrency fans–not ‘father–ended up being the ones disappointed.

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