Highlights of Miles Guo’s live broadcasting on November 19, 2021

Link: https://gtv.org/video/id=6197a194fcd196126f8cab91

  1. Miles Guo shocked the world again with his truth-revealing style in his live broadcasting on November 19, “Bruno Wu, the registered CCP’s agent is bisexual, playing a female role in the homosexual relationship,” Miles stated.
  2.  According to Miles Guo, Communist China is not the competitor of the United States of America. CCP is the biggest enemy of the western world because CCP’s #1 strategy is to destroy the world economy, weaken the US dollar, and become the new global superpower.
  3. “American people worry the most are Money (such as gas and food prices), unemployment, economy, and physical health,” Miles Said. “CCP virus is still the most worrying topic globally, especially in America,” Miles added.
  4. Changpeng Zhao, who goes by CZ, is the founder and CEO of Binance. The Chinese-Canadian, who runs the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, CZ attacked Himalaya Coin furiously due to his ignorance, jealousy, and connection to CCP. “CZ will be killed by the CCP secretly just as the fate of Wang Jian of HNA,” Miles warned.
  5. As the most credible and valuable digital currency, Himalaya Coin will be welcomed by all merchants and business enterprises worldwide like a credit card. Dubai of UAE has taken the first quantum leap by using H Coin in the real estate industry.
  6. “Himalaya Coin will for sure surpass Bitcoin in the future because Bitcoin might have more than 21 million coins as claimed, with a possibility of a parallel trading system in operation at the same time,” Miles claimed.
  7. “The world will be changed forever due to the CCP virus and the global vaccination disaster, and Artemisinin is the antidote, not only to CCP virus but also to the vaccinated people,” Miles Guo appealed to the world.
  8. Science is a powerful force in understanding how the three-dimensional world works, but it is not the truth because science interprets reality under certain conditions with limitations. In other words, science is just a collection of facts about the natural world with little explanation and personal predictions.
  9. “Soul (the micro energy frequency) acts as a link between the physical body and the conscious self, by integrating human sperms and eggs; that is why I care about the generational transformation of mankind,” Miles Guo informed his viewers.  

Author: MOS – 正道人

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