Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 19th, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In his live broadcast on November 19th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo explains why the Himalaya Coin will be the winner that takes it all. He says fiat currency is forced on users, while the Himalaya Coin wins users’ trust. Mr. Guo reveals that other countries have essentially recognized the New Federal State of China (NFSC) by letting the NFSC buy weapons. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to dominate the world by defeating the US dollar with the virus and vaccine.

I (Miles Guo) asked an American friend, “What is the cost of printing money?” He said, “Eventually, everyone will fail and then starts over again. That’s the rule of capitalism.” Another super-rich American said, “The dollar is a scam. Which fiat currency is not a scam? The American scam lasts longer and has regular cycles.” He asked me what I thought. I said, “America is a real country with the perfect institutions and systems, but America as a society has a lot of scumbags, especially on Wall Street.” What will the virus bring to America next? Massive money printing has led to simultaneous inflation and stagflation. Eventually, the CCP will take down the dollar. I said in 2017 that the CCP is hell-bent on defeating the dollar. The most important thing about the virus and vaccine disaster, besides the deaths, is to bring down the world’s finances so that the CCP can dominate the world and internationalize the yuan.

The American people will never allow three things to happen.

There are three things the American people will never allow: (1) The gas price should never exceed $4.00 a gallon. If it exceeds that, a political change is coming. (2) The price of bread should not exceed $1.20; otherwise, the people will revolt. (3) If the natural gas and electricity prices are 20% above the historical average, there will be an economic change.

Zhao Changpeng will definitely end up worse than Wang Jian.

Zhao Changpeng helped the CCP to make money and gave Binance customer information to the CCP. He must end up worse than Wang Jian. This son of bitch went to the Bloomberg conference to smear us with disinformation. Bloomberg is in cahoots with Wang Qishan. Binance is completely finished. The CCP will use Zhao Changpeng and discard him. Zhao Changpeng’s Binance is just a trading platform, a broker. What qualification does he have to comment on the Himalaya Coin and the buyers?

The Dubai real estate developer’s acceptance of the Himalaya Coin as a legitimate payment is a surprise move. The Himalaya Coin will be the winner that takes it all.

The Dubai real estate developer’s acceptance of the Himalaya Coin as a legitimate payment is monumental. A year ago, we didn’t have the Himalaya Federal Reserve, Himalaya Coin, Himalaya Dollar, and GClubs except for Guo Media and GNews. Now, we have all sorts of fantastic tools. At the critical moment in the war with the CCP, we have the Godsent soldiers. This time the Dubai deal with Himalaya Coin is a surprise move. Brothers in arms have invested in the new GTV, which will own 5% of the Himalaya Federal Reserve, the equivalent of owning 5% of the 100 billion Himalaya Coins worth many times more than the current coin price.

Dubai expects the Himalaya Coin to appreciate and accepts payments in Himalaya Coin from people all over the world. If you buy a $20 million house in Dubai and pay US dollars, it requires KYC of you and your ancestors. Next, Dubai will offer loans if you buy a house there, which will be a significant development. What happens in Dubai will be a role model and be replicated worldwide.

What is it like to use the Himalaya Coin? For example, you’re in North America, I’m in Korea, and he’s in Spain. We visit the same store and tell the store to open an account with the Himalaya Exchange and pass the KYC test. The local government is not involved. We can make the transaction without a third party, credit cards, or banks. When Himalaya Pay becomes prevalent, the world won’t need banks.

In the future, the global media will attack us. Wall Street will be the first one to intimidate us. The CCP will be the next one. All other virtual currency development teams will see us as a threat. We will reign supreme.

Certain countries have agreed to sell weapons to the NFSC. Can Binance’s Zhao Changpeng buy a gun? Can a currency be secure without the protection of a state? As a federal state, we can legislate. We have an exchange, a currency, and a federal state.

If you send me the Himalaya Coin from the US and I withdraw cash from the bank, will I be taxed in South Korea?

Why do you need to withdraw the money? As more and more people accept Himalaya Pay, everyone will have to use the Himalaya Coin and Himalaya Pay. As soon as Himalaya Coins are converted to dollars, Korea will charge a 56% tax. If you convert the Himalaya Coin to Korea Won without paying tax, you break the law. Why would you want to convert Himalaya Coins to dollars when you can buy a house with Himalaya Coins?

Fiat money takes away your surplus-value by physically ring-fencing your wealth. Himalaya Pay brings freedom and breaks down all those barriers. Decentralized currency means that there is no US or Korea between you and me. Everything is easily done with a single swipe on the phone.

What should we do when some governments do not accept Himalaya Pay?

No country can regulate blockchain because it is a decentralized technology and a way of keeping a ledger. The biggest agency that governs digital currencies in the US is the tax authority. They can ask the commercial exchanges for customer information to see if they’re US citizens and if they should pay taxes or not. Now, the US government can’t control the blockchain. They can’t influence you at all. Blockchain technology is all about total secrecy and no geographical or third-party restrictions.

In the future, you don’t have to withdraw money from banks when you do your business through Himalaya Pay. How do you qualify for this in the future? You have to buy this qualification with fiat money. You have to open a Himalaya Exchange account and top the account. To say it can’t be done is just plain dumb. The reason it’s hard to remit money is that the custodian bank uses intermediary banks, not a Himalaya Federal Reserve bank. This is a common problem worldwide, and now the Himalaya Federal Reserve is trying to get rid of all these bastards. It’s like you walk into a nightclub, and dozens of hostesses are in front of you before you even meet the girls.

Fiat currency is forced on users, while the Himalaya Coin wins users’ trust.

I (Miles Guo) have long said that the vast majority of digital currencies will disappear. We have an entity that can be held accountable, a stable coin, and a payment system. How can other digital currencies exist without fair market trading practices and government regulation?

All fiat currencies in the US are being used for crimes passively. The government didn’t ask you to use the fiat currency for criminal activities. Bitcoin, however, is actively used for crimes. The big difference between the Himalaya Coin and fiat currency is: You have to use Spanish currency in Spain and Korean currency in Korea; you are forced to trust the fiat currency. The Himalaya Coin is superior because it wins your trust. If you don’t trust the Himalaya Coin, you don’t have to open an account, buy the Himalaya Coin, or trade with it. The most significant differentiation of the Himalaya coin from fiat currencies is that the Himalaya Coin gains complete trust from your heart; you are the one who comes to trust us.

The Himalaya Pay system is also a mutual agreement. What does the government regulate it for? The fundamental premise of the market is a fair exchange of surplus-value. We are willing to let the government regulate us, but what does the government regulate us for? The government does not regulate all other virtual currencies. Now, it wants to get involved. Isn’t the government helping us remove all possible competitors? Other virtual currencies don’t even deserve to be our rivals. Let’s make a law in our NFSC, a law for virtual currencies. Won’t that be the new Bretton Woods system? I am revealing too much information if I continue.

Fiat and virtual currencies will co-exist in the long run.

Fiat and virtual currencies will co-exist for a long time. Eventually, there will be two types of currencies left, the smart currency and the stupid currency. The battle between digital and fiat currencies will go on. One’s gain is the other’s loss. Eventually, it will become like day and night. The United States is the day, and Communist China is the night. Day and night are not eternal anywhere you go. Able people can navigate both. You can’t have just one choice. With the coexistence of the two currencies, there will be a future state without a defined territory, and the earth will be all hers.

We have a globally accessible digital currency, a centralized Himalaya Coin. We can issue decentralized digital currency in one second and a public blockchain-based digital currency in another second. We will create the largest economic and political entity in the world.

Biden had a colonoscopy, and he might cede power to Harris. Some people say Biden will replace the vice president. You don’t even know its impact on the fragile global economy. It takes one shell from Xi Jinping to Taiwan to bring down the global fiat currency to essentially zero. At any time, Sunac or Evergrande could declare bankruptcy, and all the money will come to us.

Why does the Himalaya Exchange issue only one billion coins a year?

I initially suggested issuing 2-5 billion coins a year; otherwise, one billion coins per year provide no liquidity. These people at the Himalaya Federal Reserve didn’t recognize the importance of liquidity and only thought that coins would be worth more if they were scarce. As a result, they regret it now after it was launched.

How can you be sure that the Himalaya Federal Reserve issues only one billion coins per year and not over issue coins?

Quite simple. The Himalaya Federal Reserve is a centralized entity that will be responsible. Counterfeiting is a crime. If the Himalaya Federal Reserve issues one billion and one coins, everyone at the Himalaya Federal Reserve will go to jail. Whether there are 200 million or 19 million Bitcoins, no one goes to jail. The Himalaya Coin uses private blockchains, and everyone can verify the number of coins. Third, the Himalaya Federal Reserve issues Himalaya Dollars. Issuing an extra dollar is a criminal offense and an international fraud. Who would dare to do this?

If the CCP hacks the Himalaya Federal Reserve system, the coins can be recovered. So who will determine a fraud?

The Himalaya Coin is traded only on the Himalaya Exchange now, and in the future, it can be traded on various exchanges. The Panamanian government regulates the Himalaya Federal Reserve, and Australia regulates the financial license. If US and Canadian citizens are allowed to buy Himalaya Coins in the future, the government may ask you for all kinds of information. A global system of financial supervision regulates the Himalaya Federal Reserve. Now the money comes in through the most traditional way. It’s impossible to launder money. Once your money leaves the Himalaya Federal Reserve, it is regulated by the global financial and legal system. How do you regulate Bitcoin and USDT? How many tokens have they issued?

By letting you buy weapons, other countries have essentially recognized your sovereign status.

Our defense force is now in training. We have to obtain clearance from a foreign sovereign agency and national sovereignty before we can buy weapons. We have to have permits to own training grounds and receive training. We need to prove we are not a terrorist organization, and then an agent can procure weapons for us. By letting you buy weapons, you are actually recognized as a sovereign entity. Next, getting a naval, land, air, and space force would be a logical step.

We want to have training bases (for foreign sovereign institutions) in the US, like the one in Texas for foreign pilots, and we can buy them. Everyone here can participate. If the Canadian government approves us to fly to Canada, and if the EU approves us to fly to Europe, Canada and European countries will all recognize us (the NFSC). Most likely, some veterans in Japan will suddenly fly an F35 in the sky with the flag of the NFSC, then Japan will recognize us. You have to have the right to fight before obtaining combat capabilities.

On land, we’re going to use mercenaries. The two most powerful mercenary groups in the world are our buddies. They have 6 million contracts worldwide. Mercenaries are more powerful than regular armies. In Iraq and the Middle East, the biggest force behind them is the mercenaries. A lot of Spanish veterans have signed contracts and now want Himalaya Coins. It feels good to have the right to mint money. Anyone can legally use mercenaries as long as they get paid.

Does the Vatican have an army? No, but it uses the Swiss army. There has never been a dispute between the Vatican and the mercenaries until now because of vaccines. My (Miles Guo) Switzerland buddy, who used to be my bodyguard, is the head of the Vatican’s security force and controls the largest security company in Switzerland. He said it was inhumane for the Vatican to force them to take the vaccine. In 2021 years, not a single Swiss mercenary has ever criticized the Vatican. This buddy spoke out and broke the 2000-year history. Scared, the Vatican says, the mercenaries don’t have to be vaccinated. I will let the brothers in arms enjoy being protected like the Pope, and it’s invisible.

The NFSC is saving lives during the vaccine disaster.

My buddy is one of the richest people in Gibraltar. Two of his family of 20 or so died of the vaccine. Half a dozen people died in an aristocratic community in Seychelles. Vaccines will change everything in the world. Sister Rushui bought another 10,000 doses of high purity American artemisinin and has 160,000 doses ready in Asia. We saved Bannon’s sister from Covid-19 not a long time ago. Bannon’s brother, who served in Iraq, contracted the virus and is now saved by us.

Miles Guo pushed the CCP into the Tacitus Trap.

Back then, Meng Hongwei wrote a report that he was willing to accept the maximum punishment if he didn’t repatriate Miles Guo to Beijing within two months. Now his wife comes forward to break the news. Does it matter? Zhao Changpeng is running around following Wang Qishan’s order. Wang Qishan started to attack me when I blew the whistle on HNA. Then the Jiang family and the entire CCP intelligence agency struck me. Do you see any similarities between the attack on the Himalaya Coin now and back then?

In 2015, when I met with Liu Yanping, he was supposed to be the righteous force, and he said I was a mafia member. Now we are the righteous force, and the CCP is considered the mafia worldwide. When I first mentioned the Tacitus Trap, I said they would all fall into the trap. My first move was to push the CCP into the Tacitus Trap. The CCP’s fear is our weapon. Now no one believes the CCP whether they tell the truth or lie. The CCP fell from the Tacitus Trap straight into the HNA scandal. I am not the threat; the CCP is the threat. Then my opposition to the mafia state, the falsehood state, and the police state have come true. I said the world would plummet into darkness. Now the virus is here, and the vaccine is here. We, the NFSC, have been telling the truth. What do we want from you? How can we not be a strong force?

Science can explain the physical world but says nothing about the spiritual world.

We are not an organization, a party, or a doctrine. We are going to do something greater than you think. The fact that science has been disproved repeatedly shows that science is meant to be disproved. Science, religion, and faith are not comparable. Science can explain the physical world, but it can say absolutely nothing about the spiritual world.

The micro-electric wave is a variation of the soul.

A buddy in Japan asked me (Miles Guo) about Wang Yangming. I gave him a book published by Hunan Publishing House. Wang Yangming explained why he kept mourning for three years when his mother passed away, saying that she was the essence and source of life. In 2016, I asked the Japanese buddy for a billion dollars as a bridge loan. He sent over $1 billion and 30 million dollars right away and said I could set the interest.

Trust is the recognition of one’s soul. Why do sperm and eggs carry the information of your ancestors? When a person dies, do the sperm and eggs die? Where does the soul come from? Sperm and eggs have souls and micro-electric waves. The one with the strongest micro-electric waves is the winner when sperm fertilizes the egg. The micro-electric waves carrying genetic information, I think, are a variation of the soul. What my brothers in arms and I want to build is beyond a state. It will be a new human community that shares wealth and the code of life. Our lives are truly infinite. I think the greatest master of the world is life. (All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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