Honeyminer Acquired by Blockchain Firm Core Scientific

Diggy the bear’s honey pot just got a bit sweeter.

Today, Stax Digital–creator of popular cryptocurrency mining product Honeyminer–announced its acquisition by Core Scientific, an AI and blockchain firm. Through the deal, Core Scientific is bringing in Stax Digital’s key assets including Honeyminer’s entire staff and intellectual property.

Debuting in July 2018, Honeyminer is the leading software for GPU cryptocurrency mining on personal computers. The platform is available on Windows, and as of May, MacOS.

Currently available on some 1,400 different GPU models, Core Scientific plans on using Stax Digital’s IP and blockchain expertise for its management and monitoring solutions Minder and operating system, MinderOS.

MinderOS will also embed mining solutions natively, a statement from the firm said.

Core Scientific CEO Kevin Turner said Honeyminer’s IP and team has huge potential for his firm’s current products.

“Their IP and proven experience in blockchain will enable us to continue enhancing the capabilities of our best-in-class blockchain hosting and application solutions.”

Speaking with CoinDesk, Honeyminer CEO Noah Jessop said the mining service has been downloaded in 167 countries, essentially everywhere they can legally offer it.

Since the MacOS launch this past spring, the team has been developing numerous projects that will be announced in the coming weeks through Core Scientific. Jessop said Core Scientific’s MinderOS platform was a natural fit for Honeyminer, emphasizing its management platform Minder.

Diggy the bear image via Honeyminer

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