How Is AI Video Marketing Useful?

By assessing user preferences and increasing conversion rates, firms may utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in video marketing to generate personalized films. Traditional marketing tactics are being phased out in favour of digital marketing. 

AI video marketing is becoming increasingly prominent among the different digital marketing strategies. It has become the favoured approach for businesses since it allows them to reach and interact with a big audience quickly and easily. As a result, it’s not a surprise that 81 percent of firms utilize video to advertise themselves. With AI video marketing, it is improved even further.

AI In Video Marketing

AI is already changing the face of digital marketing as a whole, and it will undoubtedly change AI video marketing as well. Using AI in video marketing may help businesses engage with their consumers on a more personal level, ensuring that their marketing initiatives are a big success.

Even though video marketing is already proving to be a very effective marketing strategy for organizations, artificial intelligence may assist it even more. AI may assist businesses in better understanding their target audience and creating films that would pique their interest while also indirectly attracting additional customers. So, whether you want your films to become viral or rank first in search results, AI transforming can assist. 

Here are some examples of how artificial intelligence may help with video marketing:

● Improved Insights

Artificial intelligence is most commonly employed for data analysis. AI tools may assist organizations in better understanding user preferences and, as a result, in developing future AI video marketing tactics. To gain useful insights, data such as the videos previously seen by individuals, the time of the films viewed, and the viewers’ involvement with the video may be examined.

When it comes to evaluating engagement levels, for example, data like the action taken by individuals after viewing videos, the good or negative response to the video, or if viewers skipped certain portions of the video may be analyzed to determine their preferences. This gives you a better idea of what resonates with the audience and what doesn’t.

● Increased Engagement

Businesses may use insights to produce extremely engaging video advertising with a high percentage of engagement and reaction. For example, if a company notices that their target audience frequently clicks on product links noted in the video as soon as they finish watching it or pauses it to look at the products, they can include that information in the video descriptions to make it easier for viewers to know about the product.

Furthermore, data analysis may assist businesses in distributing videos on certain days and times of the day when consumers are more likely to watch them immediately after they are published. This increases the video’s popularity and helps it rank better in SERPs. Businesses may also produce personalized material for their loyal customers, which will increase their engagement even further. User engagement, client conversion rates, and product sales may all benefit from personalized advertisements and recommendations.


The use of AI video marketing can dramatically increase marketing efficacy. It can not only assist in the creation of interesting material for the target audience, but it may also assist in the spread of information to other users via word of mouth. This also aids the company’s SEO efforts. As the videos get more popular, they rise on the search engine results page, increasing brand awareness and visibility.

It’s also a great free PR tool that may help you find new business possibilities. 76 percent of marketers say video marketing has increased their company’s revenue, and that percentage is only going to rise. You should use AI transforming to guarantee that your company makes use of the full potential of video marketing and stays ahead of the competition.

So, is your company AI-ready? Are you one of them? If yes, we are here to guide your business with the power of a single platform. Thus, if you wish to switch to AI-based products for your business, contact ONPASSIVE.


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