How to come up with an incredible topic for your upcoming webinar session?

When webinars are in inflated demand,
hosting a webinar event is a great choice to begin with. You can share your
expertise with interested people and most likely generate new leads if the
process unfolds successfully.

Your journey as a host of webinar might
be exciting initially, but it might get challenging while deciding about the
topic. Because you need be consistent with your sessions to retain viewers’
engagement. Thus, you should know beforehand what topic you are going to
cover in your upcoming webinar session.

In this context, it is clearly
visible that your topic plays a heroic role in your webinar sessions. Itcreates
a first impression and helps you attract people to join your webinar. Thus, it
is very crucial to come up with the right topic for your next session. Here are
the five incredible ways that help you in your webinar topic research.

1. Ask for it

It isthe simplest way to decide the
topic as you ask for it you get it. Ask your audience what they like and which
points they wanted to be covered in your session. You can ask the following

1. What wouldyou like to get educated
about in a specific niche? 

2. What is your biggest challenge in
this specific niche? 

3. What is your biggest confusion
about this specific niche?

Forward these questions in the form
of a survey or post them on social media so that your followers can respond.
You might generate new ideas from these responses. It is great if you could
generate multiple topic ideas. In such a case, create a poll to ask your
followers which topic they wanted to see first.

2. Take inspiration from your own blogs

While you are interacting with your
audience for the topic, also consider exploring your own work! Scan your
blogs and pick the content that was most popular, liked, commented and shared
by many. If you want to minimize your efforts to scan through your entire blog,
some websites online help you find your most shared blogs once you type in your
blog name or website.Also, ONPASSIVE’s
smart tracking tool, O-Tracker
is a great medium to track your website performance in real-time and help you
gain real insights.

With the blog at hand, try to figure
out what kind of topic interests your audience that you can work on to make it
suitable for a webinar session.

3. Explore the Internet 

What to do if you haven’t yet
developed a stable following? (Well, that’s why you are using webinars in the
first place). Or you might not have a proper archive filled with content. Let’s
begin with the basics then. Explore the Internet to find more about your niche.
Consider checking Quora and Reddit to find your customers’ concerns. 

For instance, suppose you are in the
fitness industry, and you notice people raising concerns about how can they
stay fit at home without stepping out to the gym. You can create a webinar
around this concern. Go ahead and create a webinar that guides the audience on
working out from home and staying fitter. You can offer workout sessions that
are easy and effective to do at home. And thenpromote your session around the
same theme.

4. Provide the missing information

A webinar is a great place to provide
holistic information about your products. Let the audience get an in-depth
understanding of what you are offering. Because if you are going to present an
intricate product like SAAS software or a course on neuroplasticity, then your
audience might have many questions about your topic that you need to answer

5. Take the help of your team

Involve your support team in
developing ideas about your webinar topic. They might help you figure out what
customers want, their pain points and what confuses or challenges them with
respect to information in your niche. 

For example, if you sell skin care
products and your support team find out that many customers have many questions
about whether they should consider using this particular soap for their face
instead of a facewash, its benefits or whether they are suitable for an
acne-prone skin types.

Wrapping Up 

The impact of the webinar on business
activities has been intensified today. The importance of webinar is only
highlighting with the growing demand they have in the market. However, the
success behind a successful webinar depends more on what your audience wants to
see than what you want to present. As you focus on what drives the interest in
your audience or what they consider benefiting them, it becomes lot easier for
you to create an amazing webinar session that presents the same.


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