How to Revolutionize the Artificial Intelligence Importance for Innovations

Artificial Intelligence is showing its tremendous effect in various industries, markets, and services.

Moreover, the creative industry and the art world have not been able to
use this technology fully. However, two experts devised a platform for further

Using the latest technology, they allow creators, expert film designers,
and video creators from the movie and music industries to use artificial
intelligence algorithms in their work. It is Runway, a platform that integrates
machine learning and the benefits of artificial intelligence for innovation.

The creators define the platform as part of the new design of automated
tools. If Adobe Photoshop revolutionized the creative market a few decades ago,
Runway is looking to do so for years to come.

In this case, this startup bets that with their software in the cloud, they can develop “synthetic content,” automatically generating, modifying, and editing audiovisual content with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Here are the Innovative Trends in Business Process management with Artificial Intelligence

The creation of content within AI

It is continued to create audiovisual content in the same way that it has
done for decades, making the process unnecessarily slow, expensive, and

With the use of an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, anyone can create realistic animations within seconds and alter them. It is observed that only Hollywood or large production companies and special effects have been able to do this so far.

Simultaneously, Runway makes it possible for shortening development times
and democratize accessed such application with many creators.

These technologies are aggressively changing the way we create content
because algorithms can generate images, text, video, and sound in an
ultra-realistic way.

If we put these automated tools in the hands of people who have never
accessed them before, they will start thinking of new ways of producing art,
generating content, and telling stories.

The attention of the industry and investors

The platform’s impact started when they launched a tweet asking how many
would use automated tools.

In less than 48 hours, they had many responses from engineers with
Facebook, Google, universities, and even the media, indicating that they found
a chance for an innovative tool that immensely occupied artificial intelligence
algorithms. Immediately, they created the company and never looked back after.

The path they traveled so far has been fast due to work generating
interests with a different investment fund.

In the same year, they created a Runway and completed two million dollar
investment round with US funds specialized in technology research startups.

They already carried out important projects on a practical level, such as
a collaboration with New Balance to design a shoe.

The software with the rock band YACHT created part of their latest
album’s audiovisual content nominated for a Grammy Award, designing short
movies produced by IA, and even collaborating with visual artists and the
seventh art.

Along with this, cloud software’s response has also taken from academics,
which has led them to get closer alliances with various universities in the
United States.

At this moment, each step that Runway takes a path towards the role of
artificial intelligence in the future, and that is precisely the risk that its
founders are making by developing residencies or internships in the company for
artists and researchers to deepen the uses and applications of the technology
they develop.

They implemented a practice before the coronavirus pandemic, which
resumed in few more weeks later, from their companies located in Brooklyn in
New York City.


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