I Know a Man with Golden Heart who Changed My Life!

Mohd Nizar Akob

Only blessed
people saw GOLD under the SAND in California in 1848. Only blessed people saw
revolutionary currency bitcoin underneath fiat currencies in 2009. Only blessed
people saw “wealth-creating” ONPASSIVE among
“poor-creating” programs in 2020.

I was not in
California in 1848 so nothing to say about it, but in 2009 I was saying who’s
the mad man with his “nonsense” bitcoin idea and now  I am one of the poorest person owning
bitcoin( well actually I own nothing except a bit of ethereum! God has brought
me to embrace ONPASSIVE almost 2 years ago, so I am a blessed man who never found
gold instead met a man with a golden heart)

Mohd Nizar Akob



  • 2 October, 2020
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