If Canadians tolerate governments infringing on their freedoms now they’ll do it again in future

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On this week’s episode of The Gunn Show Sheila Gunn Reid interviews Derek From. Derek is a Calgary-based constitutional lawyer with a long history of fighting the government for barrier-free interprovincial trade and defending civil liberties. 

They discussed how when governments expand their powers and seize rights, those freedoms are almost never returned, and the powers are almost never restrained.

Derek expressed his thoughts on how right now in Canada, fighting back against the infringement of civil liberties is in fact a hill to die on. On the government overreach Derek said:

When they find there’s an appetite for it in Canada or that the Canadian population will for the most part tolerate this sort of violation of rights and freedoms; our freedom to move freely and be participants in the economy and social life of our country, if that is tolerated by Canadians it will be used again. And it will be different crises in the future. And there’s no question in my mind that Canadians get used to it and it will show up again. 

This is only an excerpt of The Gunn Show.

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