I’m Honoured to be a Part of Something so monumental like ONPASSIVE


Every day is a
blessing and honor to be a part of something so monumental like ONPASSIVE. My
best friend Bernard Collie told me about the company some months back, but I
shrugged it off as it being another MLM company. After I joined, I still was a
bit deceptive about it; nonetheless, I still joined. It was only with help from
Mr. Jeffery Morlock that has encouraged me and lit the flames that push me
today! Some 350,000+ founders and accounts later, I am so happy they introduced
me to ONPASSIVE. Knowing what we are about to do to the world gives the
ultimate feeling of satisfaction!

On Wards, Upwards, ONPASSIVE!

Philip Pennerman – United States


  • 28 February, 2021
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