Impactful Email Marketing for Your Clients With Custom Newsletters

Businesses today struggle to sustain in the prevailing
conditions of calamity and uncertainty, especially most creative agencies like
marketing and digital sectors. The new business acquisition has slowed down

Research by Uppers has shown that about 47% of business entities
struggle to find new leads due to the global pandemic. When acquiring new business
leads have become truly tough in such a scenario, client retention strategies
have gathered a great amount of significance. 

However, customizable newsletters can offer a great deal of
support to such business entities to minimize the ongoing ruffle and retain
desired accounts. 

A custom newsletter provides branded templates in accordance
with the client’s unique style. Thereby boosting the relationship with

Significance of custom newsletters

The custom newsletters come up with the branded template tools.
The branded template tool is an effective way to serve your clients as it helps
you simplify the production process to a great extent. It offers step by step
guidance in your efforts to make email marketing templates that perfectly align
with each of your client’s brand. It will be much easier for you to apply color
schemes, logos, themes etc., with these templates at your service. 

The flexibility offered by this tool enhances the client’s
experience and drive intended results. Moreover, its intuitive feature
channelizes the efforts of your team in implementing a hands-on
approach.  Branded newsletters aren’t a great option just for your
agency but for clients as well.

Most marketers favor branded content as it offers a sense of familiarity among your customers. Moreover, branded emails are engaging and are better for ROI.  Take the example of Netflix; it showed greater reliance on the branded content in the year 2018 as compared to the previous year, 2017. Customized newsletter templates play a crucial role in your email marketing practices. However, newsletters come with certain metrics that you need to pay attention to in your reporting closely. 

1.Click-through rate

The click-through rate is an indicator of how engaging your
newsletter templates are to your subscribers. Many brands consider it as the
most important metric of all. 

2. Open rate

Open rate is an indicator that reports to you if your users are receiving the message. To build a meaningful relationship with your clients, you must maintain the quality of your email content.

A newsletter is not just about conversion but, it enables
sharing news as well. Thus, all the information you provide through a
newsletter, be it an update on a product change, wishing on occasion or unveiling
a big announcement, should be covered well in the newsletter itself. 

3. Unsubscribe rate

Sending regular newsletters is crucial as it helps you get
desired visibility to your custom email templates. If clients like the design,
they would ask for more. However, there is a string of risk attached to
overdoing. You should not forward frequent newsletters as there is a high
chance of clients getting irritated by them. If this happens, it’s most likely
that users may unsubscribe to your newsletters.

Thus, maintain a time interval for sending in your newsletter,
thereby minimizing the risk of unsubscription. 

After establishing an effective custom newsletter program, go on
to opting for some simple yet high-impact tests. There are many email platforms
specially designed for agency use, make it effortless to set up tests and
report outcomes to clients. 

Concluding thoughts

Custom email templates are simple yet significant ways to enhance a relationship with your clients. When you are unable to generate new leads, maintaining the existing ones becomes an obvious choice. However, the customer email templates help you retain your existing clients. With optimal newsletter customization, you can significantly reduce the stress on your team. You can also provide branded templates through your newsletters. 

With careful monitoring and regular testings, you can establish impactful email marketing with the help of custom newsletter tools. Thus, you must consider opting for custom newsletters for creating a long-lasting impression through all your email marketing practices.


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