INTERVIEW: Dr. Peter McCullough on the Omicron variant and how to prevent severe COVID infection

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In wake of the new scariant — the Omicron variant — I sat down to chat with cardiologist and epidemiologist Doctor Peter McCullough, who is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on COVID-19. Based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. McCullough voiced concerns over the COVID response very early on in the pandemic. As a result, he has nearly two years worth of dedicated academic and clinical efforts wherein he has not only successfully treated COVID-positive patients, but also reviewed thousands of reports and participated in scientific congresses, group discussions and press releases.

Dr. McCullough confirms that the omicron variant is the most heavily mutated version of SARS-COV2, with approximately 30 mutations along the spike and 10 in the binding receptor. He says, “it appears to have arisen from vaccinated individuals and so far it has exerted mild symptoms… and with this degree of mutation this will completely escape the effectiveness of the vaccine.”

In this report we discuss the simple, at-home prophylactic measures that nearly anyone can take to avoid severe outcomes of COVID infection. We show Dr. McCullough’s research on-screen and basic instructions for what he recommends.

Dr. McCullough provides a calm, rational and evidence-based approach that is in stark contrast to that of the fear-inducing mainstream media, who are panicking the general public with irrational fear.

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